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    Check there. I posted a solution to a similar problem. Not sure if it will work for you but give it a try.

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    In control panel:
    slmgr -ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

    xxxx’s are your product key. I used dreamspark had the same problem. After you put that in command prompt it looks like it finishes. Wait a minute and a dialogue will pop up when it finishes Hope it works!

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    I am in the exact same situation (using dreamspark/won’t activate). I have had to use the phone system and worked, so plan on doing it again.

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    @Arris wrote:

    Hey, maybe a stupid remark, but why don’t you just click Continue in stead of Quit? If I remember correctly I also had to do this with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and it installed/runs fine! Just downloaded the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Trial to test it and it works fine indeed!

    Yea actually about 5 minutes after I posted that I did and it worked. Haven’t had internet since then and I am posting this as soon as I can. Sorry about this one guys. Continue DOES work.

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    Haven’t tried photoshop… probably has the same style installation. I wish there was a way!

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