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    I run a P6T Deluxe ASUS motherboard. All you need to do is add the OS Tag to the AsusSetup.inf and the AsusSetup64.inf. The tag should read “WNT_6.0I_64 = Vista64” (it tells the installer that the tag it encounters “WNT_6.0I_64” is Vista 64 instead of Windows 2008).

    Also, the ExpressGate image is on the motherboard. You do need to go into the BIOS to activate the option, if you’ve changed the default BIOS settings. Then you need to select it when you boot up (you’ll usually see a big ASUS splash screen) if you want to boot into ExpressGate instead of Windows or whatever. It doesn’t run within the OS; the ExpressGate application you’re referring to is just to update the ExpressGate image on the motherboard, the way you would apply a BIOS update.

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