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    The above-mentioned DLL are not related to MPEG-4/ISO container format, judging from their name (even though MPEG-2 video streams may be contained in MP4 files in some rare cases). I suppose there are some other files in Win7 that allow MP4 demuxing and appropriate decoders.

    But instead of looking for the certain files from the Win7 I would strongly recommend you to choose 3rd-party solutions:
    For demuxing there is nothing better than Haali splitter.
    For decoding MPEG-related formats (and some other stuff) the best choise is ffdshow (except maybe some rare cases).
    For playback I would recommend MPC-HC. In terms of video playback it’s way better than Windows Media Player (no, really!).
    And if you’re too lazy to install and configure all this stuff separately, you can install so-called “codec pack” instead that will do all the dirty work themself giving you a complete ready-to-go video playback solution without any fuss. One of the best codec-packs is K-Lite Full (use its default settings during installation).

    in reply to: Graphics card #50126

    @discopatrick wrote:

    Oh, I’ve just remembered that my PCI-Express slots are of the x8 type – is this going to make a difference? Both of the cards you recommended appear to be x16.

    You can insert x16 card into x8 socket if it’s open-ended or if it’s x16 slot working at x8 speed.
    If it’s x8 slot and not open-ended then you’ll have to look for PCIe x1, x4 or plain PCI cards.

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    @discopatrick wrote:

    How do you know these cards are definitely supported by 2008R2? Is there a list somewhere?

    They are DEFINITELY supported, although not 100% officially. You see, virtually any hardware driver for Windows 7 x64 will perfectly work on 2008 R2 as well, because those systems share the same kernel. So remember: if you can’t find 2008 R2 driver (and you won’t, in most cases), just look for Win7-x64 driver!

    Drivers for GeForce:
    Drivers for Radeon:

    @discopatrick wrote:

    Also, do you know if either of those cards would be good for graphics applications like Adobe After Effects? That would be a bonus.

    Those cards are capable of almost everything non-specific 2D and 3D tasks, including full OpenGL and DirectX support, 10-bit colour-depth support, video decoding acceleration via DXVA, limited video encoding acceleration (software-specific), and more. Matrox cards simply don’t have anything significant that GeForce or Radeons don’t have.

    About NLE-specific features… well, neither Matrox nor GeForce/Radeon will help you much with NLE as CPU will be the bottleneck. However, specialised NLE-accelerating boards exist, but I don’t know much about them, sorry.

    Now that I think of it, DXVA might be really helpful for NLVE, depending on what kind of the source material you’re working on. And DXVA is the best in modern GeForce and Radeon boards.

    in reply to: Graphics card #50121

    Looks like this card isn’t officially supported even on Vista.
    Why don’t you look at something less exotic? I suggest nVidia 210 or Radeon 4350. Most boards on those chips support 2 digital outputs (commonly 1 DVI and 1 HDMI which can be reduced to another DVI with an adaptor), and they are quite affordable. And, of cource, thay are perfectly supported on 2008-R2.

    Examples from your favourite website:

    in reply to: Anyone having difficulty with installing gadgets in R2? #50115

    Strange indeed. Did you try many downloadable gadgets or just one (maybe it’s buggy itself)?
    On my machine, everything works fine (including, for example, this one).
    And when I install a gadget, it doesn’t actually “think”, the gadget usually appears almost instantly (less than one second) after i click “Install” button in confirmation window.

    Does your machine give any error messages or other feedback when you click *.gadget files? What exactly happens?

    in reply to: clean install, problem with font size (and aero) #50111

    Could not replicate the font issue. When I set font size to 150%, UI graphics, icons and all text labels get scaled (including start menu).

    I did have some issues with Aero, but not the same as yours.
    (the Aero did partially work but some of its features didn’t work under non-Administrative account, see this topic)

    in reply to: External USB hard drive problem #50098

    @kacperpl1 wrote:

    In windows 7 it works as it should.

    Does your Win 7 run on another PC or on the same PC?
    If on the same PC, then never mind.
    If on another PC, then it might be a hardware issue with your MoBo (insufficient current of the USB power supply).

    in reply to: Want to be total Admin on my System #49780

    Just a couple of weeks ago my COMODO antivirus suddenly broke. After system booted it immediately hung up and consumed 100% of CPU time. I couldn’t uninstall it while it was running. I could not stop the tray application (because it would immediately restore itself) and, most importantly, I could not end its system process from the Task Manager (it said I didn’t have enough privileges). Of course I was running taskman as Administrator. So, the only solution left was to boot in Safe Mode.
    Another case was about a year ago on Vista, when I couldn’t delete a certain system file (I don’t remember what was its name and why did I want to delete it).
    I remember having this kend of issues several more times earlier but I don’t remember details because a lot of time passed.
    And AFAIK I cannot delete C:/Windows, can I?

    in reply to: Want to be total Admin on my System #49778

    @JingoFresh wrote:

    You don’t need to run as higher than Administrator, ever, for anything. If you are actually running as the Administrator account with UAC turned off, you won’t get prompted for any authentication, and you will have full access.

    This statement is NOT TRUE.
    Windows is NOT Linux.
    Unlike Linux root, Windows Administrator is not able to do ANYTHING. I won’t go deep into technical details, but this is just how Windows works.

    in reply to: Bugs in Windows 7 – have you had them in 2008 R2? #50070

    I have been using R2 as a primary home system for 43 days. It’s working 24/7 (seeding torrents), reboots weekly, and I actively use it about 6-8 hours every day. Didn’t notice anything like you described (but I don’t use any of software you mentioned).

    in reply to: Flash performance #49948

    I don’t know anything about Hyper-V, so I can’t tell if Arris is right. Probably he is.

    But using default audio and (especially) video drivers is no good anyway, so even if disabling Hyper-V solves the issue (and especially if it doesn’t) I would strongly recommend to download and install the most recent drivers from the manufacturers’ websites.

    Note: Windows 2008 R2 uses drivers for Windows 7 x64.

    in reply to: Flash performance #49945

    Just to make sure, are your video and audio drivers up-to-date?

    in reply to: Aero in Remote Desktop #49861

    @xxcom9a wrote:

    Previous versions didn’t let you create new VMs but this release does

    Good news, thanks for the info. Previously, I’ve been using only VirtualBox just because I could create and save/restore the machines w/o any limitations. Now it’s time to check out VMWare Player to see which VM is better… :geek:

    in reply to: Win7 Vs 2008r2 #49926

    Managed code is always slower than unmanaged by definition. Just because it’s managed. And, speaking of memory management, there is no way automatic garbage collection can improve performance (actually, it’s notorious for the opposite).

    P.S. This is my last off-topic post in this thread.

    in reply to: Win7 Vs 2008r2 #49924

    RemixedCat, if you want “configurability” and something “different and fresh“, then you should definitely try Linux. 😉

    I have no idea why are you expecting so much from Midori. This thing is going to be VERY slow because it will be 100% managed, including drivers, kernel and even scheduler! The ONLY unmanaged code in Midori is going to be the VM itself.

    @Indrek wrote:

    There’s a couple of features that are still unavailable (in that there aren’t any tweaks or hacks that can enable them yet). Mobility Center, WinSAT, Games Explorer and ReadyBoost/SuperFetch are a few that spring to mind.

    Besides, there are few 3rd-party applications that work on 7 but not on R2.
    But if you are a student, R2 is still the best for being free. I’ve also chosen R2 just because of DreamSpark. (even though I can actually afford Win7, I just don’t think it deserves $200)

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