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    Bah, so you assume this becuase my posting style is different. You’re right, you are wasting your time. But your registration date is very new. Is this a new account at this site?? if so why?

    You were accusing me of lying, you were accusing me of things and making me look bad just becuase you have a strange fixation with my problem, witch is not googleable, not everything is. Theres a eurodance singer I like but theres no info about her online anywhere. Does that mean she doesn’t exist becuase she is not on goggle. She wouldn’t becuase that is what your reasoning is. LOLz.

    You are a lost cause. Plain as that. Nobody had a problem on here until YOU showed up.

    I am a very technical person, I just don’t have to show it in the most articulate geeky ways. I am smooth at it and make my points into words real people can understand, not geekbots.

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    And your saying I have no tech understanding. woah you are the one being judgemental. They prolly won’t want to replicate it since it involves a reformat. It is very complicated to replicate this. I lost 1 months worth of data over this. I WOULD NOT LIE ABOUT A SITUATION LIKE THIS! I would fire up a VM to show you but your not worth the 3 hours it takes to get to the ability to replicate the situation.

    Also BTW you cannot google this becuase most people don’t go through that or mess with windows update services.

    Just admit I had the problem allready, get over it, and move on with your life. Are you an older 50 year old person who talks me down becuase I’m younger then you? or are you some emo 16 year old who thinks the world hates you so you have to take your pain and frustrations out on others? Becuase I feel sorry for you if you do.

    Just becuase I don’t word things like a PHD doesn’t mean I am not technical. I like to put things into words common folks can understand so they can learn from me, and not use things that are over thier heads. I train people in this kinda stuff everyday and they love how I teach them becuase I put in it plain english and not to jargon it up too much like some people do. I try to make computers less intimidating for people, and doing that they come into computers as less of a n00b.

    I can’t belive you are still so obsessed about it. You must be obsessed with me. I am quite flattered you waste your time on my situation. Do you care about me or something? I appreciate it if you do.

    Did this site even exist in 2003??? I don’t think MS even had much info about server 2008 back then?? LOLz

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    Bioshock was generally unstable on my R1 system and in R2 it ran just fine. It was optimised for nvidia cards. ATI cards have fun with that game and all the nice bugs i had on my friend’s pc.

    I have an 8800GT so it works nice.

    Now borderlands is so smooth on my R1 system and other people are constantly complaining about crashes on windows seven and I laugh at them.

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    Yes I am sick of him bringin it up. Why can’t he accept I had the problem and move on. I’m not gonna feed him anymore. He obviously is behaving like a troll would. Trolls like to come to forums that are not very active, stir up mess, and get long term members crazed and mad and make them leave so they can spam the place. His username seems very random since i do not find anything in google under that username. He also comes on here questioning us using a server os instead of using windows seven. Then he says that windows 2008 workstation has no real performance gains over windows seven, and constantly saying that my gaming performance increase is NOT from server 2008, when I clearly tried borderlands in windows seven 64 bit RTM and my FPS on this same system was 15-20 FPS LOWER (as well as with other games like Dragon age origins and assassins creed). I also get much better multimedia performance from R1 than 7, vista, and R2 (*)!

    But I did get great performance on R2 when I did try it and I would be using it if it was as easily configurable as R1 was to get the pimped out workstation experience and to get superfetch working without dedicating a whole day to getting it work right. As well as my architecture software not running right in R2. Also my company bought me R1 around late OCT of last year and they don’t feel it is much different for them to purchase me the two copies as well as the other 200 and some pcs that use this in thier company. They picked a server os becuase the way the architecture software is designed. The company is using custom software that is the only in the industry that can group edit in real time and our software uses resources that server OSes support. Alao server 2008 R1 and R2 have windows system resource manager…. need I say more!

    (*)windows media player did crash alot on R2 and I think it’s related to the new codec set that is bundled with it (R2’s is slightly different becuase features it depends on in 7 are not present in R2), as well as playlist control being different due to the slighly different backing store config. it’s best to start your playlists over in WMP12 becuase of this. But it does suck for people like me with over 30 used playlists a day allready created in wmp11.

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    Oh and before you say “well provide the information from event viewer”

    I couldn’t becuase I couldn’t even go into to safe mode. It would give me the BSOD in safe or normal mode.

    I needed to reformat to be able to use my computer again.

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    I wasn’t spreading FUD I told the truth when I posted the stuff about the BSOD.

    You only pointed out ONE article that had NOTHING to do with MY PROBLEM. Most people do not mess with the windows update service like I did.

    Most people will not becuase they WANT UPDATES. I don’t want the update thing nagging me so i had it disabled in services.msc.

    I made a mistake and accidentally told IE8 setup to perform updates

    and that’s what happened. since I had to restart to complete setup.

    and since it installs the updates before windows is fully started up (still at the server 2008 splash screen where it says welcome,preparing desktop, etc)

    but since I did not have the windows update service starting up it had an EXCEPTION becuase it needed that to run in order to do the updates!

    what part of that don’t you understand.

    This was so rare to me and my case that others don’t do that. so they don’t experience it.

    it might not be the case in your much beloved windows 7 OS and they might have fixed it in R2, however it is still present in R1.

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    I know tons about windows! I also know about UNIX/Linux, and Mac. I worked for 3 hosting companies that ran 3 flavours of Linux and Windows server 2003/2008. I built and installed a COMPLETE 200PC+10 server network with 2 Juniper Networks Routers and several Cisco switches {yes I used 2008 R2 on the servers} for a network for a business just 6 weeks ago! OMG You are stupid to assume I know nothing about windows. Yes you are a troll and stop it. You came to this site A SERVER FORUM, questioned us for using a SERVER OS, then come here to me, A USER THAT’S BEEN HERE LONGER THEN YOU, and try to get me riled up, and then question my IT knowledge, therefore your behavoiur on here has definitly aligned with a TROLL! I am sick to bloody hell of your antics and I would like it of you would stop doing this. I have never seen such repulsive antics by anyone.

    Moderators, Please do something about him This forum was fine till he showed up and started to pull this crap. I am sick of it.

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    I use another theme+local CSS overrides. 🙂

    Now I thought of a few features:

    SmartMTP->where it will extend windows media players playlist functions to the windows explorer shell for playlist syncing.Bypasses the need to open WMP to do a quick playlist sync to sansa fuze, toshiba, and others like it. Zunes do not work with this very well but may change.

    VOIP support for applications like skype USB phones, have a VOIP manager to control the sound of it and manage other features. Windows audio control panel is very weak for IP phones and skype never seems to save audio settings. This would help for those who are having trouble with this issue.

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    My case was isolated and unique to me ok. my problem. my computer you were in deNILE (get outta egypt!). (it was repeatable though if you would have followed the steps to a free reformat!)

    If you would just accept my problem and move on like a mature person and accept that I had the problem on my own computer then it would be all kittens and rainbows right now. but Nope you choose to deny I had the problem and act like a troll and keep irritating me then its your own fault.

    BTW what part of the country are you from and how old are you?

    instead of trolling me why don’t you enjoy some nice turkey and mashed taters!!

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    this is coming from someone who thought 32 bit was good enough, remember indrek?! LOLz.
    you thought that 32 bit was good enough and it isn’t 😆

    when I model stuff in any 32 bit 3d modelling software most of the time it crashes when i load anything that is over 40,000 polys.

    if the cores are faster they get the work done faster. I did not say anything that I was against multicores. LOLz.

    But I don’t overclock. I did once on this and it was too hot for my heatsink only solution (my singular fan died on this becuase it was cheap plastic that cracked)

    people just need to make more efficiant software and that’s the end of this discussion.

    let’s instead speculate on what shoudl be in the next windows release->

    I got some ideas:

    better recovery tools that aren’t disk wasting like restore

    smarter superfetch

    application sandboxing (will be in midrori)

    better account controls and access

    better security due to application sandboxing

    application porting->useful for applications like photoshop,you can basically save your install and make it portable from computer to computer via a pen drive or even good if you reformat. (messing with adobe support is a headache to reactivate and do not help you if you bought it from a local shop) my architecture software is portable secured pen drive portable (but it needs a dongle to work if using it like that). I am also running the server/master version so its even wierder.

    something like xkill in linux. or a quick hey to halt any crashing apps that do not want to close. better crash control

    central package manager like linux. Also will manage updates for all software as well. adept is a good example.

    I can think of a ton of other things

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    Well when ALL 4 of MY cores are struggling then something’s gotta change. I think software is to blame as well. They are making it so bloated.


    I hate most software companies. They think making the application more bloated will make it better but it does not. They are just falling for the stupid bling factor that is taking over software these days. Like when media players have that stupid cpu hogging cover flow that serves NO purpose. Websites are doing that now as well. a slidr slide show will hog 20% my my cpu! or when people put those globe applications that have a fully flash 3d globe that displays the countries of the visitors on thier blog it consumes at 50%!

    I also notice that when I go to myspace sites and don’t have my flashblock IE script on my commit charge kill (512MB) will kick in like 1 minute after I got to it and my cpu quota capped not kill (50% max for browser iexplore.exe*32) as well since I have both defined for windows system resource manager. If a freakin website will use 50% of my cpu power that is something really really wrong!

    Look we got 4 cores we need to enjoy the speed of them, not bog them down more so it feels we are back to the 486 days again! Let us gloat that our cores are sleeping while your app is running, not sob and say our cores are working thier buttocks off!

    in reply to: Vista Media Center in Server 2008 #45534

    if you can get hauppague media center cards (particularly the MCE labelled ones-they say its vista compatible but the damn driver signing thing kicks in and won’t let me do it) to work let me know. Mine still don’t work in R1 or R2!

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    I meant that the average PC is STILL 2.x GHz. the average should be 8Ghz by now since I had a 2.2GHz(*) athlon like 6 years ago! I got a 2.2GHz Phenom x4!

    The world of computing tech has slowed down so much!

    I notice that intel has 88 core processors that they made like 3 years ago, but where the hell are they!? We see this awesome tech at shows and stuff but we never see it and it makes me mad. I see all this awesome tech like holographic laptop displays, smart phones more powerful then the average computer, but yet it never comes. These companies just want to sit on the old technology and milk it for all its worth and continue to milk it till the cow runs out, then they finally release the new tech.

    Stop regressing companies….. we want our quantum computers yesterday!

    (*)->this was the average speed of processors then the max was 3.x Ghz models and this still applies today. Just they have multiple cores.

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    skip windows 8 and go straight for midori! That’s what we need. the NT witch means New Technology BTW when it is in fact really really old. We NEED to change computing becuase not much has changed. We are still stuck at the 2.x GHz average and graphics cards are the only things that are changing much and even then directX11 is not much different other then hardware tessellation witch could be even more stressful.

    We need real changes in OSes and not more tacked on “features” Because it is not worth it to consumers to buy a new version of windows every 2 years. We really need a reason to go to something new. Just like my companies decision to stay with R1 becuase they felt it was not worth it too much to go to R2 for what they are using it for. They feel its not worth the upgrade prices to replace over 200 machines that use it.

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    I have had some mad glitches in WoW on my old intel GMA. I would also have glitches sometimes on the desktop. I used vista sp1 on that and the aero would have tons of black specks around the buttons and the address bar. These cards are not meant for gaming at all.

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