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    After month of editing msi files with orca, using application verifier to fake a wrong OS I finally get Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 working on my 2008 R2 System.

    I found a useful tool here in the forum. It’s not legal but you only need to do it during the installation of KIS.

    I used “Windows 7 Loader eXtreme edition v3” – changed the Server to the Ultimate MSDN – restart, installing KIS, change back to my original license, restart and now everything is working.

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    The Technical Preview of the KIS 2013 runs fine on Server 2008 R2

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    It’s not possible to run KIS 2012 on a 2k8 Server machine.
    We tried several things in the past. The known way to edit the msi is working for the installer but later you will get a certificate error.

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    I tried to set the incompatible OS Typ to 1 instead of 3 that KIS only can be installed on Server OS, also I used application verifer for every excecutable file after i installed KIS but then i get the error: KIS was installed for the wrong OS type … hell I really give it up 🙁

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    If you do this you might get an “programm integrity error” from kaspersky directly and it says a new install is requiered.

    Do you test this? Can u please make screenshot of working KIS 2012?

    I gave up for a few month 🙁

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    you’re welcome, let me know if you need more informations

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    Hi there,

    first: thanks for that useful program ExpertUser!

    Getting an error for superfetch – service could not be stared. I’ll try to translate to english:

    Error 1083: in the executive program where the services is started is the services not integrated


    The stuff in the R2 Converter 2 runs fine ( Prefetch dir getting filled with files )

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    @Enigma wrote:

    I am thinking of trying to install Kasperky Pure 2012 instead of AVG. is it compatible? if not, is there a workaround?


    There is no Kaspersky Pure 2012 available, last version is and it’s compatible with the “msi hack”

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    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is not longer working with the MSI workarround, you will get a program integrity error.

    – edited with orca, install successfully
    – after the first start: error with the license, programm integrity failed “please reinstall application”

    Any ideas how to fix that? Seems like it will be difficult 😐

    Same problem here. integrity error of KIS 2012 crap

    edit! < nevermind > thanks for ur help it works with ur instruction yeaha

    Thanks for that nice pack, I searched the thread but nothing to find. Can someone explain why dreamscene is greyed out ? seems like the decoder file isn’t ready ( mpeg2 ) but if I’m correct it should be enabled by default yet

    thanks in advance!

    Thanks for that work – you talked about “-> Corrected Video and Audio issues !” what does it mean exactly ( details ) :geek:

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    The service starts without problems but it doesn’t affect the os…

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    I got this package from this forum and said that it’s not the installer from here ( which I also downloaded )

    Well superfetch doesn’t work this is why I only have this old pack because I dont use it anymore 🙂

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