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    Outpost Firewall Pro 2009 Ver. 6.7.1 (2983.450.0714)
    Eset Nod32 Antivirus 4 Business Edition Ver. 4.0.467.0

    Both working

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    Du kannst deutsch mit mir reden, dann aber per PM 😉

    Stable driverversions for ur hardware (x86 drivers):

    Mainboard (nforce chipset)

    Nvidia Graphic Card Driver

    Realtek Audio Driver

    Direct X Runtime (June 2008)

    To avoid Audiostutter read the following article

    As i mentioned before, try to lower ur overclock, just to see if it prevents games from running.

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    Just see that regardless of the burning tools i install, i have no dvd writer available :O Will check the next days whats the reason for.

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    Hi Pleusch,

    Sounds really weird. Do u have latest vista driver for any hardware installed? Then u might check if it helpes to decrease the overclock of ur motherboard. Its also possible that ur powersupply is getting old and weak.

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    Wud be interesting where the option “shared system memory” is set by windows. I have 256 MB physical on my card. Windows shows 256 MB dedicated + 512 MB shared System. System memory shows 0. As i’am using a AGP card i set 256 MB AGP-ApertureSize in Bios. I recognized that it is not possible to fill the whole DDRAM with Data. 256 MB r complety holden free by the system, regardless how hard i punished the system. Maybe there is a way to play around with the shared system memory to gain some extra performance in games or applications or just to avoid that the system locks usefull memory.

    EDIT: Found this: GraphicsMemory.doc

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    @Arris wrote:

    I’m curious if this really works because I guess nobody has run Windows Server 2008 workstation for 240 days yet. 🙂

    I hope so, heh. Worked fine on Vista for the two years i am using it.

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    Sorry sawo, i didn’t recognized that u posted this allready in the blog. 🙁

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    yeah u might be right. After using and testing 64bit version for a few days many other issues occured. so it really seems to be the bad driverprogramming and support by via.
    Doesn’t got an response for my supportrequest yet. will keep u informed.

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    hi sawo,

    thx for ur reply. I checked ur hint, and no, everything is working fine. Ur hint brought me to the idea that maybe Eset SmartSecurity is the problem as it installs a virtual networkadapter and the firewalldriver in a lower socketlayer. Deinstalled it, reinstalled Hyper-V (once with and once without networkadapter), same problem. The problem really seems to be the chipset. I contact the vendor if he cud help.
    As i allready wrote above it isn’t possible to activate DEP and Virtualization feature of the processor at the same time (only on server2008 🙁 )
    So if i turn DEP on, system can’t find the hypervisor. If i turn virtualization on, Hyper-V complains that DEP isn’t activated and refuse to start.

    EDIT: Started a last try, deinstalled Hyper-V, ticked the option “Max CPU Value ID” in Bios, rebooted PC. Same thing, DEP on No Virtualization feature. Unticked the option, rebootet… and unbelivable, DEP and Virtualization r both running! Wohoo, installed Hyper-V again, rebootet and.. gosh, Virtualization feature off again!

    in reply to: Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter 1.2 #46632

    Great tool, very nice. Thx in advance. 😀

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