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    AVG 8.5 just came out, can someone make a custom installer package for it to work on server 2008 please?

    edit: nm I got it working, the same method I used before worked on it.

    in reply to: Can dreamscape be installed #48337

    where do you put that cab file? I downloaded the 64 bit version of Dream Scene that you linked too and would like to get it working in server 2008 standard 64 bit.

    in reply to: DVD Burner Problem [SOLVED] #47913

    @JonusC wrote:

    Nice! Glad you got it sorted ^_^

    If it isn’t too much trouble, it’d be great if you could EDIT the original post, and in the subject box, add a [SOLVED] to the end of it (so it reads like “DVD Burner Problem. [SOLVED]” in the forums). Just makes the place a bit cleaner looking 😉 Good day!

    done 😉

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    well success, I finally got a SATA DVD Burner, my problem with reading dual layer disks has been solved, Server 2008 just didn’t like my old 16X NEC IDE DVD Burner, I bought a 22X Sony Optiarc SATA for $25 wth free shipping from newegg.

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    @JonusC wrote:

    DVD drives are extremely touchy with power supplies. Your PSU might be struggling to provide clean power.

    Not sure if you know much about this stuff, but i recommend trying to put your DVD on it’s own power rail. Or even try rigging up a temporary second ATX PSU if you can’t do that, just with the soft-on pin shorted so it’s always on and have all ur gear spewed out on the workbench 😛 Or… get a new PSU, one that’s a reputable brand such as Antec 😉

    i say this because I encountered extremely similar issues with my Pioneer DVD burner and found out that my PSU was the culprit [after months of dealing with the annoyance]. Hope that helps – let me know.

    P.S. Don’t be so quick to dismiss hardware susceptibility just because one OS does it but another doesn’t – Windows XP is very VERY different to Windows Vista/2008 at the kernel level [example – the Hardware Abstraction Layer was completely overhauled for the better, despite initial driver incompatibilites] and it’s more than natural for newer, more modern OS’s to present higher and/or more “streamlined” load on components – simply because it’s newer technology and naturally more efficient on a per-cycle level :geek:

    I think its just a compatibility problem with IDE DVD Burners is all since its a Newer OS, I plan to get a SATA DVD burner soon so I think that will solve the issue. they are mega cheap anyway. I know its not my PSU 😛 it wouldn’t make sense because everything works on it except for reading dual layer DVD’s 😛

    Thanks for the help anyway 😉

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    in reply to: GTA IV and Windows Server #47778

    thanks guys for the solution, I will try this fix 😀

    Edit: Success! that DLL file worked perfectly.

    The game runs like crap on my system though 🙁

    AMD 4200+ dual core 2.2Ghz, 2GB DDR, 320MB 8800 GTS and I get 15 – 20fps at 1024×768, Lowest Detail.

    in reply to: GTA IV and Windows Server #47764

    I get the same problem =(

    I hope someone can make a fix for this! I’ve waited months to play this game.

    in reply to: List of working games (x64) #45715

    Has anyone tried Grand Theft Auto 4 yet? does it work in Server 2008 64-Bit

    in reply to: AVG Anti-Virus Free #47546

    thanks! this will make it easier for future server 2008 installs 😀

    in reply to: "gameux.dll" automatic installer for Windows Server 2008 #47591

    just use Steam to handle the game short cuts, its what I use 😉 no messy desktop or start menu

    Open Steam and click on Add Non Steam Game button, and browse to the EXE location of the game to add it

    in reply to: "gameux.dll" automatic installer for Windows Server 2008 #47588

    what is the big deal with games explorer? all my games work fine without it

    if you get the Games Explorer couldn’t be found error, just set them to windows XP compatibility mode.

    in reply to: Explorer.exe not starting on boot #47452

    explorer.exe not starting on Boot is caused by the third party theme DLL being installed with the server 2008 converter, I had the same problem.

    so don’t install the third party theme DLL and you will be fine.

    in reply to: List of Applications (x86) #45916

    K-Lite Codec Pack 4.2.5 has no problems installing, don’t use 3.8.0

    Also since Nero 7 and 8 have issues on Server 2008, what burning software do you guys recommend thats compatible with it ?

    I’m using Windows Server 2008 Standard 32 bit

    in reply to: Drivers Needed? #46869

    Vista Drivers (and even some XP drivers depending on the hardware) will work fine on Server 2008

    for example I installed the XP drivers to a very old sound card and it Blue Screened on me, so I had to enable the onboard sound of my motherboard and thankfully the XP drivers from it worked.

    also don’t be afraid of the warning popups for unsigned drivers, install them anyway

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