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    I reinstalled my os again…
    So i can definitly confirm that it is a clean OS and the Problem consists directly after installing the OS. First ill tryed the clean OS (ithout a single program or driver) than i updatet the OS with WU (still without a program installed)…

    So my Problem still consists…

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    If on a clean Windows installation this feature always works

    This is a clean installation.

    First after setting up the os i placed a Shortcut to folder on a second partition which i uses as my standart download folder (its called “Downloads” on desktop and uses STRG+ALT+D as hotkey)…

    Also without a single programm installed this feature isnt working for me.
    As i told you i have the problem every time i reinstall my os but i never saved the workaround so i have to search for every single time…

    But this time i really cant find it so iam slowly freaking out………….

    ActiveHotkey shows that NO Hotkey is settet up but there are several shortcuts with hotkeys (everyone uses STRG+ALT+key). First i have to delete these hotkeys from the Shortcut than resett it and now activeHotkeys shows a active hotkey until i reboot my system 8-)…

    I just remeber that theres was something like a registry or grouppolicy workaround…

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    No one has the same problem? 🙁

    in reply to: Anyone got Windows Mobile Device Center working? #47957

    Hope that helps!

    It really helped…
    First i thought my device isnt suported or something cuzz theres no driver available…
    But i only had to enable an option like “Lets search Windows Update for drivers automaticly”.

    In my mind finding this option is a bit tricky to so here my way (translated from my german OS)!

    WIN+E / Systemconfigs (or so^^) / Hardware / Deviceinstallationconfig (or so again^^)..
    Here you can turn on the automatic search for driverupdates .


    in reply to: Anyone got Windows Mobile Device Center working? #47955

    Doesn´t work…
    Tryed to install it the normal way (running the downloaded *.exe) then an error like “The Update couldnt installed cause one Componente is missing” appears.

    Next ill extracted the exe and later the msi file and looked for the single driver but it doesnt work either.

    in reply to: USB 2.0 driver for Hp Dockingstation doesnt work ): #50774

    Doesn´t work either… 🙁
    Theres no way to install 5.2b1 or an other Version especially the newest 5.3.
    Tryed compatibility mode, unpack the exe with 7zip to test the inf´s… nothing worked yet…

    Anyone an other idea i could try ?

    USB 1.0 or slower on an 1TB USB-HDD really sucks… 👿


    in reply to: Bluetooth #48732


    just wanna tell about the 2 “SHARE-Prozess Errors”.

    I didnt wanna criticize you guys and your work 🙂


    in reply to: Bluetooth #48730

    Doesn´t work for me and my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 🙁

    During installation (with disabled driver verification) there 2 SHARE-Progress errors.
    After reboot it shows me a fully functional bluetooth adapter but it doesnt finds any bluetooth device (tested with Nokia E65 and my mouse).

    Hope youre able to fix it sometime 🙂


    in reply to: Creative Zen Mp3 Player #49936

    Nope, no cd and no usable driver (just for xp) on the Page!

    Usually it works without a driver (xp-sp2 / vista) (dunno on Win7).

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