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    it should be the same as in windows xp if you go to control panel then into sound and audio devices it will bring up the windows audio manager then ya need to select the audio tab then on the options for output device it should have your installed audio output device there in the drop down list box if not select it and click advanced then select advanced under it and set the sliders to full/the right if they arent

    on dxdiag you need to select sound tab at the top of the page and make sure audio acceleration is set to full it should show any problems if its to do with drivers

    if not could it possibly be a faulty connection or it only prevelent on the system since installing server

    you tried installing vista sp1 compatible drivers might help

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    have you enabled audio hardware acceleration and set windows to give resources to applications instead of background services

    to enable hardware acceleration type dxdiag.exe in the search bar or run

    then go to audio on the top tab and select enable if it is not already

    also go into audio options on windows audio controller select audio tab on sound playback make sure your output device is selected then select advance and make sure the sliders are nboth set to full for acceleration.

    enable “windows audio endpoint builder” if none of the above works in services

    hope its any help at all

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    This method will only work if the antivirus installs from a .msi based installer or the it cannot be used… still lol

    Avast 4.8 – installs from a self contained 3rd party installer

    im happy anyway as i use bitdefender 😛

    i havent tried all of the free antivirus but if there are any you use that wont install not listed try to extract them if they are not using a self contained .exe installer and edit the .msi

    its all a con at the end of the day to get people to buy a more expensive product just because it has the name server attached

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    AVG Free 7.5 edition will not install on 2k8 without server liscence key and does not install from a .msi so cannot be edited in orca

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    try installing using the unreal tournament 3 method by using orca to remove the os dependency if it is coming up sayign it is unable to install on a server os but make sure you have the downloaded installer and not the web installer or you wont be able to setup the msi

    otherwise it just might be one that cant run on server

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    i believe it was an antivirus broken by sp1 so check if there is an updated version compatible for vista sp1

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