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    Have you disabled DEP? tends to be a common problem with programs not loading at all or with errors

    in reply to: Cinepak cvid (by Supermac) problem #46112

    hey there try registering the DLL using windows reg server like this

    regsvr32 /s DLLNAME.DLL

    hey from the sounds of it seems like its your hardware rather than the software thats at fault here

    adds up towards being hardware since you stated yourself that it was working fine on a 2k3 install then started to go downhill after a year of use

    i would recommend buying an pci/express raid card and using it instead if you dont want to buy a complete new pc

    in reply to: Civilization 4 Not Running In Server 2008 #46089

    Have you disabled DEP in the tutorials section on the home page?

    in reply to: Bioshock 1 or 1.1 – can’t change resolution #46070

    it might not like your system like for the many unfortunate customers to have bought the game sorry mate not much that can be done from us lot its up to 2K to sort it out

    in reply to: System Restore? #46028

    Server 2008 doesnt use system restore there is an installable extension in the server manager called Server backup/restore or similar which is similar to system restore

    otherwise if it is just the registry you can use a program know as ccleaner to clean up the registry then back it up after

    in reply to: Bioshock 1 or 1.1 – can’t change resolution #46068

    Disabled the detailed shaders in the ini other people have problems like it on the 2K forum and this tends to work most of the time

    Althought its a wicked game Bioshock tends to be as stable as a problem child on crack on very used systems (non fresh install) but it does have its good days lol

    in reply to: MS Money Plus #46022

    have you disabled DEP at all

    when i meant installer switch i was referring to pre installing a service pack into office as most service packs will install to update office if it is installed on the computer or you can switch it into integration mode

    in reply to: Mozilla Thunderbird #46063

    do you have any other email accounts on thunderbird that do work or is the hotmail accoutn the only one

    i would reckon that it is windows firewall blocking acess to Thunderbird for net access

    also disable IE enhanced security as it block access to unregistered websites

    in reply to: Battlefield 2 #45416

    that sounds like you have DEP still activated for everything on your computer

    disable it from running on everything to windows services only in computer properties theres a tutorial on the home page

    in reply to: Battlefield 2 #45414

    BF2 is quite hard drive intensive or does it work pretty well on vista in comparison?

    i hate it when having to delete a profile that has messed up since it litters one folder with about sub folders 1,500 folders dont have a clue why but i blame EA lol

    have you tried running BF2.exe in administrator mode

    in reply to: File Copy Speed Fix #46056

    In reference to file copying is this over a network or is it in reference to hard drive file copying? Vista and 2k8 use a completely different system to XP and 2003 for file copying and arrangement on a hard drive

    You may want to check for the latest vista drivers that support SP1

    try using the add legacy hardware option as it will list any errors that occur during driver install

    in reply to: Java and Firefox crash #46041

    Have you disabled DEP for all programs and set it for system only?

    tends to be a common problem with incompatablity

    in reply to: Java and Firefox crash #46039

    Have you tried using Firefox3B5 its really wicked runs a lot faster and more stable then FF2


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