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    Welcome back
    As I post yester day I get fully work catalyst 11.1 on Server 2008 R2 x64, before we start HOWTO remember YOU DOING THIS BY YOU OWN RESPONSABILITY, IF YOU LOST DATA OR DAMAGE HARDWARE!

    And also sorry for bad word or bad spelling english is not my main language!

    1. If everythinkg is clear gets started…
    If you are owner of HD 4870 1GB (ATI,SHAPPIRE, I Think other as weel) you can download allready modded instalation pack from, and skip rest of guid ->

    ATI Catalyst 11.1 x64 HD4870 ONLY!

    UPDATE 1:

    – Hydravision work without any modding!
    – xcode need to bee modded as driver below!

    Just extract and run normal setup.exe enjoy! Driver will be not signed digitaly any more but windows just once ask you, are you sure you want install unsigned driver just click install anyway and done, Driver enforment etc.. is not req. all work fine after install you, are not lucky guy with 4870 go to step 2. and read “How to install catalyst 11.1 via normal installer and get HW playback, and HW encoder 100% work”

    If you are install my own modded driver(HD4870 ONLY! or other model vendor) and it is not work, you need to do you own driver mod I try to explain step by step how to make own driver
    Make sure you allready have installed
    – This guid is for x64 ONLY! and never tested on x86!!!
    – .NET Framework min 3.5.1
    – For HW playback & HW encoding you need have allready installed Desktop Experience + Ink Support
    – Please download and install this small tool (ORCA .msi installer editor). When you extract the files and run installer, click typical instalation, and download install_mod! do not use orginal 11.1 installer it will be not work, xcode as well need to be download from my server!, do not use orginal one it will be not work as well!.

    Download and extract (and work on this install pack!)

    If everything is ready we can start…
    1. First step will be determine Vendor ID, Subvendor ID, Device ID, etc…
    (I explain modding process on my HD4870 1GB CrossfireX)
    – I done this by install orginal driver f…k the errors… when installer finish click to view log (somthing like this) you will be see this ->

    For rest of guid you need to understand Hardware ID , and Hardware ID inside catalyst setup files…
    So example is my Ati Radeon HD 4870 1GB PCI-E
    As you can see on the picture setup log is show info about card you need this…
    – Device ID
    – Vendon ID
    – Subsystem ID
    -Subsystem vendor ID

    So you can see my example card, have…
    – Device ID -> 0x9440
    – Vendon ID -> 0x1002
    – Subsystem ID -> 0xe801
    -Subsystem vendor ID -> 0x174b
    Catalys 11.1 installer use diffrent names for vendor subsystem etc…
    Look on this
    DEV ID | SS ID | Ven ID | SS VEN ID
    0x9940 | 0x2440 | 0x1002 | 0x1682 | -> Orginal value for catalyst installer
    0x9940 | 0xe801 | 0x1002 | 0x174b | -> New value from setup log
    You need change this value form ORGINAL VENDOR CATALYST INSTALLER to value from catalyst installation log what I say before
    (Picture on the top – you value will be diffrent for you card)
    read setup log on the end when you install ati orginal driver
    Inside installer you will be need find SS ID value and SS VEN ID only this value you will be changing from orginal to new one, I explain how i next point.
    2. If you extracted driver downloaded from my server, and installed orca you ready to continue.
    – You need to change this file after extract file from archive

    packagesdriverdisplayW76A_INFC7111988.inf -> text editor
    packagesdriverdisplayW76A_INFC7111988.msi -> orca
    packegesAppsCCC2Core-Staticccc-core-static.msi -> orca
    PackagesAppsCCC2Graphics-Previews-Commonccc-graphics-previews-common.msi -> orca
    PackagesAppsCCC2Helpen-usccc-help-en-US.msi -> orca
    PackagesAppsCCC2MOM-InstallProxyccc-mom-installproxy.msi -> orca
    PackagesAppsCCC2Utilityccc-utility.msi -> orca
    PackagesAppsCCC2Utility64ccc-utility64.msi -> orca
    PackagesAppsDnDTranscoding64DnDTranscoding64.msi -> orca
    PackagesAppsWMVDecoder64WMVDecoder64.msi -> orca

    3. Ok lets get this done, we start from first file [C7111988.inf]
    Ok first Computer icon click right -> click -> Profiles -> Device Manager -> Display adapters -> you card name -> tab Details -> and you see this

    Now find in the file this line -> PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9440&SUBSYS_24401682 (you may be diffrent)
    and change to -> PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9440&SUBSYS_05021002 (value from Device manager) if you have hd4870 of course you will be diffrent save, next…
    as you can see you ID is 1682, last four digit before (&REV_00) now every single file MSI what I listed you need open orca find 0x1682 and change this to -> value from catalyst setup log what I ask you to do
    DEV ID | SS ID | Ven ID | SS VEN ID
    0x9940 | 0x2440 | 0x1002 | 0x1682 | -> Orginal value for catalyst installer
    0x9940 | 0xe801 | 0x1002 | 0x174b | -> New value from setup log

    SS ID and SS VEN ID
    Now how to edit this msi, after you install msi right click on firs file -> packagesdriverdisplayW76A_INFC7111988.msi

    now find value SS ID [0x2440]

    and change from

    to this

    Do this with all files listed above, don’t forget click save , and you done…
    now just run setup.exe and enjoy ati driver + working ccc2 + encoder + decoder….

    If I get mess with this guid let me known I try to fix this, but today I run to work, so just made quick guid, also will be happy for any comment.

    There is prof is work for me on clear windows 2008 R2 x64 installation.

    in reply to: Security Software #49205

    ESET NOD 4.2 x64 can work in Windows 2008 R2

    But you need to use windows 7 activator before install nod

    Please remeber you doing this for you own responsability and when you think to active you windows 2008R2 using win7 activator you lost access for Server mangament.
    This is just olny a my test and for me work fine.

    Its not about crack etc… just when you use activator from win7 system will be always detect like windows 7

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