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    There is a possibility you could try using a utility such as EnTech’s PowerStrip to regain control of your graphics card, but again it’s not cheap for the full version (unless you use the free one or “dare I say it” a cracked version *which I do not support nor endorse*) so IMO I’d try to invest in a very low end GeForce 6000 or 7000 series which is still probably better than the GMA950. Most of them on Pricewatch are even under 25 dollars.

    Check out stores also like Office Depot, Office MAX, etc. that have support stations. Ask the techs sometime if they have any working graphics cards that you could buy off them for cheap.

    Although I wouldn’t recommend it you could try the trick used to install various Security Software by disabling the AdminUser’s (You) ability to access that Registry Key but enabling it for everyone else.

    It MIGHT be the Installer for the game and graphics card utility is seeing only that registry key as ServerNT and not a WinNT. That would mean everything actually installed correctly, but can’t see what version of Windows you are using correctly due to that key entry.

    Before you revert I’d recommend testing that out by disabling (Deny Privilege) that key in the registry, reinstalling the graphics card software, and then reinstalling your game.

    If that doesn’t help then you might have to revert to Windows 7.

    1.) Start –> Run –> Regedit
    2.) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> SYSTEM –> CurrentControlset –> Control
    3.) Now change the permissions of the folder “ProductOptions” –> add your user account (for example ComputernameUsername) and deny “yourself” the read rights for the whole folder. Be careful not to deny the whole rights for all administrators or something like that (I tried that first cause of a black out and it leads to windows not being able to boot). Be sure to add the Everyone and the Administrator groups to this entry with Read and Full Control rights.
    4.) Reinstall any software that failed to operate correctly.

    Basically this will allow the software to avoid seeing ServerNT as the operating system ID, but instead will detect only the OS version number “NT 6.1.7600” which will assume its a version of Windows later than Windows 2000, XP, etc. and operate as normal.

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    Intel’s offerings for graphics have really never been reliable.

    I will ask though:

    1. Did you install the DirectX Runtime Redistributable package? Usually installing the complete DirectX runtime package will install or reinstall missing components.

    2. Did you check Intel’s site for Server 2008 R2 x64 drivers? Often Intel does have operating specific drivers however recheck the Windows 7 x64 drivers and rerun the installation wizard if necessary. Check Windows Update Catalog as well for Windows 7 x64 compatible drivers also.

    3. Do you have the option to upgrade to a PCIe or PCI graphics card? I highly recommend a different graphics card. ATI and Nvidia offer very cost effective solutions, even for servers.

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    Game: MapleStory
    Website: http://www.maplestory.com
    Compatible: Yes
    Issues: None

    Game: Dungeon Fighter Online
    Website: http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net
    Compatible: Yes
    Issues: None.

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