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    @halladayrules wrote:

    Download the application verifier tool: kissanime 2.0

    You want the “ApplicationVerifier.amd64.msi” one.

    Now there are two versions, the 32-bit and 64-bit one. You installed a 64-bit driver, but is the program itself 32-bit or 64-bit? Check the application path, if its program files (x86) then its 32-bit obviously. Once you have located the file…

    1. File > Add Application… select the .exe

    2. Expand compatibility

    3. Check the “highversionlie” checkbox

    4. Right-click highversionlie and choose properties.

    Put in the following:

    Major Version: 6
    Minor Version: 1
    Build number: 7600

    Minimize the application verifier program and try launching the program. This should trick the program into thinking its running it in windows 7, but thats only if it uses this method for validation. Worth a try, tell me if it works or not.

    Uh oh, my bad. When I use my “customized” install of PMB 5.2, it fails exactly the same on Win7. I need to re-evaluate what the PMB 5.2 installer does and see if I can find another way to get it to run on Win 2008 R2.

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