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    Bumpity-bump-bump ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Any luck/time for this project yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Also – make sure you have that “appearance” feature enabled in the advanced system settings. To test for sure – set your system to “best appearance” mode, instead of “let windows choose for me”… if it still doesn’t work… well…. you got me stumped. ๐Ÿ™‚ It works for me just fine on 179.29….

    Just FYI… I forcefully did a LOT of tricks to get the “sidebar” directory from a windows 7 install to work on 2008 r2… so far the only luck I had was NOT bluescreening and still being able to restart – even though no gadgets would work – the sidebar.exe was running in task manager. That was as far as I got. For now I went back to using vista’s sidebar which works fine, just not as cool… FYI – it DOES break the OS and the easiest fix I’ve found is running SFC /scannow and it seems to clear it all up… thankfully that godsend is still fully functional in the beta. yay!

    JonusC I’m excited that you are making the change. I can’t believe more people aren’t using 2008 R2 beta… it’s just wonderful and amazing all around. Even Microsoft is hosting all of it’s public servers with 2008 R2 beta to prove their trust in their own product.

    FYI – SOME of the win converter program that (SAWO?) wrote actually still works in 2008 r2 beta… just not all of it. AND you have to run it with admin rights or else none of it works. *shrugs* no biggie.

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    I’ve called in twice now and both times they started out kind of playing dumb… And after me showing I wasn’t giving up, they read me the numbers and I was good to go….

    Just be firm and calm…. If that doesn’t work feed them something along the lines of discrimination or such – after all it IS a public beta…. *shrugs*

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    Just do a search on Microsofts download website…. R2 beta has it’s own site….

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    I believe the website on the MSDN forums specify it as upgrade only… but the clean install WORKS – though it says it’s not supported on the ISO image. I got mine directly from that link – and yes mine has the clean install option… It’s their own headache really – now they just have to deal with all the calls coming in. ๐Ÿ˜•

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    Correct I had the same problem… I ended up calling MS and then had to try to convince the lady that its a free version of a beta operating system, etc…. She wouldn’t believe the key was published online…. *shrugs*. I think she finally didn’t want to argue anymore and just read me the activation code.

    My hunch in this goes back to whether it’s an upgrade key or a clean install key…. I haven’t heard any upgraders complain about the key…. But all my installs were fresh/clean installs….. What was yours – upgrade or clean?

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    No more drugs for that man…. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I was asking if anyone has the windows 7 “sidebar” working, as the windows 7 sidebar doesn’t have a sidebar, it just has floating gadgets…

    In the prog files folder, there is still a sidebar folder, when it a run, the gadgets show up….

    I’d like to get the win7 sidebar working in 2008 r2 beta….

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    I don’t really understand why more people (especially from this site) aren’t jumping all over this beta… it’s amazing!! The only thing I can’t figure out how to do so far (that I had working in 2008 non R2) is the new win7 sidebar (gadgets)… but I have the vista sidebar working fine… for the mean time.

    Hopefully more people can jump into the beta and see how stable it is and enjoy the new Win 7 functionality…

    I’m happy as a clam!

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    @nooaah wrote:

    I have an 8800GT on Standard x64. For some reason, I can’t get some advanced Aero options working like “show window previews” on the taskbar. Maximize/minimize animations are off, too. I downgraded to 169.25_forceware_winvista_64bit_english_beta and that doesn’t help.

    Found the solution:

    # Danaak Says:
    October 19th, 2008 at 6:27

    run โ€œwinsat dwmโ€
    Itโ€™ll test your video hardware and enable the Aero option

    All effects work perfectly now!

    Where did you get winsat on 2008 x64??? Are you still using a beta or something? Mine doesn’t have winsat, and it appears it’s a common problem as the Wiki’s are in debate over whether it really comes with server or not. Some say it doens’t – why would this be?

    Can you list the roles and features you have installed? Did you download anything else extra to get winsat?

    Thanks in advance!

    in reply to: nvidia problems #47496

    For future attempts – I’ve had much better luck with stability using 169.44 instead of the .25… even though .25 was WHQL and .44 was beta – .44 just plain works….

    Hope this helps!

    in reply to: nvidia problems #47493

    I’m not sure how widely known this is – but the latest installments of nVidia drivers have ditched older versions of OpenGL. When I try to play City of Heroes (fav game right now) it crashes since City of Heroes requires an older version of OpenGL to run.

    Because of this game – I think I found a solution. I installed my favorite drivers from a year ago that are supposed to support all the native programming calls that City of Heroes uses with OpenGL – version 169.25. Strangely – my scrolling stuttering problem stopped too!!

    So my guess is, something in the newer driver releases isn’t happy with the Aero interface that S2008 uses… perhaps it has something to do with a lack of updates for the desktop experience, vs Vista that has gotten updated? I can use any version of drivers in Vista x64 and not have this problem… but I have to use drivers from a year ago to get good performance out of S2008 with the Aero theme enabled.

    So in short – uninstall your current drivers, run a good driver cleaner of your choice, and then install 169.25 (or some perfer 169.44) and enjoy S2008 with an nVidia card.

    For 32bit OS users (WHY ARE YOU STILL USING 32BIT?!):

    For 64bit OS users:


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