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    the regfile or regentry could be adjust through a batch/cmd file.

    How to Convert Registry Files to their Batch File Equivalents:

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    Its sounds great to me, as its one of the things you not always remember to to install 😛 .
    And yeah MS only would be prefered

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    hey ExpertUser nice work with updating your tools to work with SP1.
    As you wrote: “19/01/2011 -> UPDATING PACKS WITH ASCII’S SP1 PACKS !!!!” I would like to ask if you know when we can expect to see this? I guess you ware busy testing it etc. but would be nice to know if you think you will finish soon or if it takes longer time.


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    ExpertUser do you plan to update this “R2 $OEM$ FOLDER PROJECT” to also include your latest superfetch from your other release “R2 CONVERTER GUI”.

    Again great work all of you

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    Thanks alot ExpertUser and all of those inolved.

    Its a great project and I already learned alot from the work done here.

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    hey and thanks for the release and your great work.

    unfortunately I cannot download with the supplied link as it says it needs authorized access.

    Access to the webpage was denied
    You are not authorized to access the webpage at You may need to sign in
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    That sounds good you made progress already.
    Its just too bad MS made it harder than in 2008. Would make 2008 even more attractable as a workstation compared to win7.

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    @JonusC wrote:

    I am two thirds through comparing all the differences between a Win7 and R2 installation (registry and file differences) and already found some Superfetch/Readyboot information that is missing from previous installers in the thread though I’m unsure if they’re needed yet.

    So yeah I guess there is news 😉 I’m still working on getting my ReadyBoost for R2 (you need SuperFetch for ReadyBoost) and will have it all in one package when I nail it.

    Thanks for the reply, I hope you are doing great progress with the comparison between windows 7 and 2008 r2. Its such a great feature in windows 7 (and vista), too bad its not easier implemented in server 2008.

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    Are there any news on this topic?

    Did anyone manage to test and see if superfetch could be added back to 2008 r2, and if it did work?
    This topic have been quite silent for a long time.

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