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    @angelmx8 wrote:

    you simply open the file within your editor and press Ctrl -Alt- Shift C, . Netpaste is a system hook app, which means is catches the special key combination and gets the text from the clipboard. You don’t have to do any special right click this or that to activate it, just another key combination for copy and paste.

    yeah, that didnt work either (found it a day or so after i had the issue)…

    I just reformatted… works again… but they dont see eachother on the network (by name, but address works)

    thx tho

    in reply to: Windows Embedded Standard 7 #50871

    IIRC, if you are using 7Zip you must do it on “part1″…

    I grab StargateUniverse since its airing, when I used to try to extract it from any other RAR then 0/1/named it threw the corrupt message (sometimes depending on archive type, rar 7z zip)


    in reply to: Windows Embedded Standard 7 #50868

    got mine from MSDN, so dont know…

    but I gotta say, this sounds all kinds of sexy for a SERVER setup… I mean only put what is necessary on the system, super small, super tiny blueprint!

    just need the proper network and framework constructs and you got yourself an almost comparable to linux (size) server!

    (I host my TeamSpeak3 server, my various Source engine servers, including TF2/CS:S/L4D, some EnB EMU server, and some WoW private server, if I can get this to work and ditch my S2k8R2… SWEET!)

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    @pondo wrote:

    Well then MS needs to make a win7 or win8 build for those devices then. Windows mobile 7 is a joke.

    you have no idea…

    I only wish they would have taken WM6/6.1/6.5/6.5.x and used the updated WinCE 6 core instead of going with “WP7” for the whole thing… its a mirror example of no DirectX 10-11 support for XP… (WM6.5/1 for life! fuck the ugly looking UI for WP7)

    in reply to: Ok… now what did it do… #51197

    @halladayrules wrote:

    If you have multiple hosts connecting to your router in your home, let them know before you try this.

    Unplug your router and firewall and plug directly into the modem ONLY. This will effectively bypass any configuring issues with your firewall/NAT/proxy server or whatever you may have. See if any ports are open. If all ports remain blocked then the problem is not on your end but rather with your ISP. You need to contact your ISP and complain.

    If you see any available ports open then we can deduce its an internal network connectivity issue. Hopefully your router/firewall just lost its place and all you need to do is unplug the router for 10 minutes so it can refresh settings. Also restart your computer so your firewall/router can refresh you as a host as well.

    If you haven’t made any configuration changes in the past and you were able to remote desktop home from an external IP before I don’t think it should be any simpler than this.

    na i think i muxed it up bad (from playing with SP1 or Hyper-V)… my DSL Modem is an AIO, Modem/Router/Firewall (the most stable and fastest connecting I have found… the firmware is just too dumb…) so thats not it (and to verify that I made my laptop the DMZ and forward destination and it responds fine to port requests…

    time to reformat… only got 2 weeks before messing something up 😀

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    @mufunyo wrote:

    @FireStorm wrote:

    and like someone else said, I/O performance on Hyper-V is SHIT…

    I don’t even get why it would be so bad. I even have Intel VT-d direct I/O or whatever the hell that is.

    I dont understand it either, I now have VirtualPC 2007 back on, and let met just say… HOLY SHIT…, I normally use a VPC for installing games/applications, like my Steam Library (its a gaming client if you dont know, google it!) because I dont want the host file/registry structure to get polluted, with Hyper-V I have to turn off my VPC, OFFLINE the disk I want to use, then mount it with Hyper-V then restart, BUT now I dont have access to it on the host!!! I cannot even mount it properly as a network drive!!!, anyway back to Steam, so once I refresh the downloads for my games, I always go back and do the “verify” option steam has just to make sure nothing is missed, with Hyper-V it was at 0% for 4 hours… VPC, done in 20min (TF2 was the game in question)… re-tar-ded

    XP Mode (if someone can modify the installer) or VPC ALL THE WAY…

    in reply to: Windows XP Mode #49066

    yep… unless someone can modify the XP Mode installer, its back to VirtualPC 2007 SP1… may not have USB support like I wanted in XP Mode, but it still beats the crap out of Hyper-V…

    and like someone else said, I/O performance on Hyper-V is SHIT…

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    @McStarfighter wrote: … look the “Limitations” …

    yeah i knew about MSTSC shearing, but that misses the need I have for GuestOS USB function…

    I wonder if its possible to mod the installer… meh… whatever…

    in reply to: The Major issue… (for me) #51099

    I dropped one of those and it didnt work, I had looked for the other things mentioned in the forum but didnt find them…


    in reply to: Windows 7 Installer Check #51041

    @Olipro wrote:

    if it’s an MSI, you can edit it with Orca to remove the anti-server LaunchCondition check.

    if it’s not an MSI at all and no MSI is involved, use Application Verifier with the HighVersionLie feature.

    I am trying to get AcronisTrueImageHome2010 to install, got Orca, but dont know how to use it… I made a thread of my own but was told to look and post in this one, anyone got some clues, im new to Orca

    EDIT: got it!

    in reply to: Windows XP Mode #49061

    Ive got Hyper-V and all, but I still cannot figure out the one feature I want WindowsXP Mode for… USB to VPC…

    I flash my phone quite often and use various “kitchen”s to make the ROM’s, sometimes they go corrupt (file replacement and the like, totally user/base oriented) and I like to restore/uninstall/reinstall (i keep an image), but I have having to pollute the registry/file/folder trees on the main system… (infact 8 of the 24 MAIN apps I put on my system, thought they are meant for the MAIN portion, dont remove their temp files or root folders when unisntalling… Really annoying…

    Needless to say I would love to get WinXPMode working on Win2k8R2… even in lue of HyperV and the alternatives, XP Mode is just easier and faster…


    in reply to: Windows XP Mode #49057

    holy fuck… another oilpro… reminds me i need to flash my phone again later this week… (flavor of the week?)

    MDOP… interesting, will look into

    in reply to: NetWorking issues! #50486

    @rmxcat wrote:

    teamspeak may be requiring security settings that the server version of IE has on lockdown.

    also you may be trying the 64 bit build of IE8 and it does not have flash support.

    However with my settings it is working fully.

    I suggest redoing your browser security settings, becuase by default most scripts are blocked on IE.

    nah, was using FF, left IE alone, secure as it possibly can be, how i like it (since i dont use it, only Win APPS that use its settings) turns out ICS on XP didnt like some sites (FW was off) or FTP…

    all good now, my new WiFi adapter got here

    in reply to: NetWorking issues! #50484

    So i can confirm this works! THANKS! (but it still cant see my laptop and my laptop cant see it)

    Also has anyone tried to disable and then re-enable their network devices? whenever I disable it, explorer botches up, even if i use device manager to disable, and when i click enable (because in the background i see it says disabled) it does the same thing, and either way i have to restart the system for it to respond…

    anyone know of a service that would cause this behavior?

    and thanks again

    (also FF/IE sometimes wont pull up some pages, like, but my XP system can do it just fine… this is starting to piss me off)

    in reply to: NetWorking issues! #50481

    I dont have UPnP Discovery :/

    where is it? how do i get it? (besides installing WMP and the other CRAP)

    Yeah UPnP Discovery must be the key, because the other 3 are set to Automatic and are started… any help would be appreciated…

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