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    I was looking for a way to change the boot screen. Since I failed at doing it manually, I looked in-to other possible solutions, one of them being the piece of software mentioned above… and it worked, so no problems here 🙂

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    All of this did not seem to be a problem for TuenUp Utilities 2009, which successfully changed both the background of the Log on screen and the boot screen, as well as the animated windows logo you see prior ti the Log on screen. You can fetch a 30 day trial here: http://www.tune-up.com/download/

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    Damn it… stop stealing all the glory… at least I found some other way of doing it XD

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    @JonusC wrote:

    They are called the “My Places” shortcuts :geek:

    /Ex facesmashes keyboard repeatedly

    how… could… I… forget… 👿

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    Well… after a bit of tinkering and tossing files around, I got to the point where it showed the Aurora boot background, but without the status bar. But the custom made mui’s did not work at all.

    Well ok, we can’t use the MUI… maybe we can use the whole winload.exe?

    Gah… it looks like I will have to set up a couple of additional hyper-v machines with vista and server’08 respectively in order to test all this… I wish i had more free time >_>

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    Just installed it last night. So far I have noticed that Hyper-V seems to be less resource hungry when idle; it fixed some of the issues I had previously with my control panel (it sometimes did not allow me to access anything besides the 32bit CP and required a restart to regain it’s functionality). Oh, and it did rewrite both of the authui.dll’s, so I had to go through reclaiming the ownership and replacing them in order to change my logon screen background once more.

    On the other hand, explorer.exe seems to be consuming much more RAM (~200Mb), though I am not sure it is related to SP2.

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    I guess I don’t play nice, now do I? 🙄 😈

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    You can also try installing VLC player: http://www.videolan.org/

    It comes with all the major codecs and after the installation I have never had any need for any codec packs whatsoever. So far it seems to be the case with Server’08 as well, so give it a shot if you encounter any further issues. And besides, it is an outstanding media player on it’s own too =)

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    BitDefender Total Security 2009 has been working like a charm since installed it. I’d say even better than it did on my XP setup =)

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