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  • in reply to: Server 2008 Service Pack 2 ? #47524

    Ya, 200mb is way too large…

    The x86 CP only has speech, java, etc. Nothing to do with configuring your machine, and can be annoying if you can’t get to the normal x64 CP.

    in reply to: WARNING : Nvidia G92 GPU users [18x.xx drivers] #48379

    I just installed 182.08 from [tweakforce = no Physx drivers package] and NO ISSUES in WS2008.

    Can it be that the 8.10 physx drivers are causing this behavior on g92 cards?

    I have Physx 8.9.4 installed [from 178.24: last known WORKING nvidia drivers for G92 8800 owners], and as soon as I install 8.10 I get the BSoDs/hardlocks/corruption again…. I think I may have found the issue with 18x.xx and G92 88’s!

    Tweakforce drivers : without Physx driver packages –

    Games that fail consistently under 182.06/08 WITH Physx version 8.10 are:
    – DiRT
    – COD:W@W
    – Bioshock

    These games run flawlessly WITHOUT physx drivers 8.10 [Included in official 182.xx drivers], by instead using 8.9.4 from the 178.24 drivers.

    in reply to: Unable to find uadio drivers #48369

    Do you have the Audio service enabled?

    If you don’t you will see the sound devices, but won’t be able to use them.

    Check this out :

    Those should work for you.

    in reply to: Windows Experience Index #47428

    “Great, that works. I got WinSAT and the control panel applet running. But, yea the control panel does not read the score from the XML file.”

    Question: Since the control panel applet ‘works’ somewhat, has anyone tried looking at the difference between control.exe for vista and ws2k8?

    in reply to: New MB, 2nd GPU comming. SLI wont work, right? #48353

    What board? What GPU?

    SLi working just fine here.

    in reply to: Task Manager shows 0mb free RAM… #48280

    OK. That makes sense.
    I have never worked with superfetch before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    in reply to: Activation with a Dreamspark Key #48329

    No. you got me wrong. I don’t have a dreamspark key. I have the key that came with my retail disk…

    The retail key/mak that came with the disk refused to work. I had to bug MS for nearly 2 weeks for them to activate my dam server.

    in reply to: How to get CTRL+ALT+DEL to open directly the task manager? #46498

    ^^ Because sometimes you need to open the taskmanager becasue explorer or some other program has locked up and you need to restart it.

    Having a link alone would not be sufficient in that case.
    I personally find ctrl-shift-esc easier as I can use one hand or I set a hotkey through my shell or setup an image hijack to open it with one button. Usually some key that never gets used like the right windows key.

    in reply to: Your S2008 Screenshots! #47336

    Excuse the shot quality [blame teh dialup] lol

    For those who may not know. The shell is blackbox for windows. BB4WIN distros
    The Explorer shell has been banned from my system since 2004.


    in reply to: Which file extension/operating system are YOU? :) #47711

    Pretty much confirmed my suspicions.

    in reply to: Activation with a Dreamspark Key #48326

    Mainly, my problem is that it won’t activate at all…

    I have called MS about this and all they say is to buy a new license… Like I am going to spend -another- 1200$ for a single license.

    I tried online activation, it tells me the DNS does not exist.
    Over the phone it tells me I that my key is invalid… yet I installed fine and it even selected the correct version from the disk.

    I am at my wits end here. I either need another license or a genuine bypass so I can use the OS that I purchased at work when I decide to move from 2k3 to 2k8.
    I am p!553d that I may have wasted 1200$ for something I could have torrented.

    Other than my activation problems I have found it more than capable.

    in reply to: Activation with a Dreamspark Key #48324

    Yes, you are right that the system will require activation again if it feels the system has changed since last registration.

    For this reason MS gives you a 3 day grace period where you can update your drivers and get everything working before you should activate.

    in reply to: List of working games (x64) #45724

    All games installed with gameux from converter tool 1.2

    FreeSpace: The Great War / FreeSpace 2 : works
    – Refuses to run with memory requirement error if more than 2GB RAM installed.
    – If more than 2GB RAM run in win98se/me compatibility mode.
    Tribes: Vengence : works
    – Run as admin even if on admin account.
    C&C: Renegade : works
    – Install in XP SP2 compatibility mode.

    Colin McRae DiRT : works
    Frontlines: Fuel of War : works
    … more to come …

    in reply to: Custom Logonscreen Background #46575

    @ Hoak

    Take a look at this LINK

    Not exactly what you are looking for, but it explains in more detail how to use the domain login in WS2K8.

    It also explains that GINA [the old GUI login for 2003] is not used anymore. One of the reasons the 2003 login can not be applied.

    in reply to: Vista Media Center in Server 2008 #45530

    Any more progress on this?

    Or should I just stay with my mythbox… lol

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