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  • in reply to: Offering my graphic services. #45798

    Thank you very much Shaked !

    Your help is appreciated. 😎

    in reply to: its illegal ? upload a windows workstation #45844

    I think there is nothing illegal to disguise your operating system the way you want. Finally, you only uncheck the boxes and legally show the esthetic you want with the tools available in the OS.

    I pretend that If you upload your OS, the downloader has to get a legal Microsoft license to run the OS and respect the law.

    And I am sure that all our members would not dare to own an illegal Microsoft OS, or using kind of hacks.

    Other opinions ? 😎

    in reply to: Sidebar don’t operates #45848

    Hi The_Maschine,

    Welcome on the forum, that I hope you will find the help you need.

    Do not worry about your english, because here, a lot of people have other maternal language, instead of english (mine is French from Quebec 😉 ), and we have members from many countries, example: The Netherlands, Norway, Israël, US and other countries. So, be proud to be German and feel comfortable with your english in our International forum !

    You will find here many experts in different fields of expertise; an administrator, expert moderators and members who will help you to solve your sidebar or other problems.

    So, we hope you are going to participate in the sections and have fun.



    in reply to: Hi All #45824

    Hello Ed,

    Welcome on the forum.

    Don’t hesitate to answer questions in topics.

    Enjoy your presence and thank you for your introduction.


    in reply to: Hellow There! #45768

    Hello Shaked,

    Here you are welcome. We hope you will find what you need for your expertise.

    We also wish you are going to contribute by sharing your knowledges in the sections.

    Thank you for your introduction.

    Enjoy !


    in reply to: Good on ya mates! #45783

    Welcome to you !

    Have fun and thank you to share your knowledges, expertises and opinions in the sections.

    in reply to: ok, my turn #45745

    Hi Labgeek,

    You are really welcome here.

    Your expertise is important for all of us to help.

    Thank you for your presentation, and enjoy reading sections and give a hand if you wish so.

    Étienne 😎

    in reply to: Chi-town here! #45689

    Hello Dr.Funk,

    You are welcome here with all of us. Thanks for your presentation.

    I supposed you come from the USA, talking about Obama; here, there are a lot of people from Europe. I am used to hear on TV, talking about the sentence “Casse toi pauvre con” from Sarkozy, that shook a lot of people around France. 😀

    We hope you’ll enjoy your presence and do not hesitate to ask or answer questions in sections. Here you’ll find a lot of experts, working in different fields about computers, networks, etc… (I am not included in those experts 😎 )

    Have a great experience on this forum !


    in reply to: Hello #45647

    Hello Karstux,

    Welcome to you here !

    Glad to hear from Germany. It seems to look like an European forum here, where a lot of members are coming from (The Netherlands, Norway, Israel, Germany…) Where are the people from America ? Triel is from USA and I am from Québec; where are the others ? Too much shy I guess… 😀

    Thank you for your introduction Karstux. It is a mark of respect, and we appreciate to read your details.

    We hope you will enjoy the forum and, do not hesitate to ask questions, or answering some if you have the knowledges.

    Have fun,

    Étienne 😎

    in reply to: Hi #45593

    Hello DAz999,

    I am proud to bid you welcome on this forum. 😎

    A special thanks to you for the great job you did, and that you’re still doing here !

    Your expertise is very important for the WIN2K8 community.

    Don’t hesitate to initiate discussion in sections, and to share your expertise, experiences and opinions,

    Thank you again for your presence on forum.


    P.S. I am still working to update my old BIOS 😉

    in reply to: hey all #45592

    Hi Aviv00,

    Welcome on forum.

    We hope you will find here some answers to your questions, and you will answer to some questions ! 😎

    Here, you are at home, don’t hesitate to help, suggest or to give your opinions in the sections. We hope you will enjoy and have fun.



    in reply to: My Introduction! #45586

    Thank you Admin for this forum. All the web community benefit from the present expertise.

    in reply to: Cloverfield and I are here to help! #45585

    Hello Triel and welcome onboard.

    I hope members are going to come in the present section to introduce themselves !

    Thanks a lot for your precious help on this forum. 😎

    in reply to: Kaspersky AV 7.0 #45406

    Thank you DAz999 and you are right.

    Here is the link about Kaspersky, certified Windows Server 2008, called “Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Server Enterprise Edition”

    in reply to: Converting Windows Server 2008 to Workstation PDF #45241

    Very nice work.

    Thanks a lot for the volunteer work, dedicated to the community of Win2K8 lovers.

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