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    Game:Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2
    Issues:none, working perfect
    Fix:no need

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    I’m using in fact this one from link, just be patient, its seems sometimes during installation that system is freezing but all is ok.
    In fact i’m using the driver from system disk from Trust , but its the same, even my driver is a little bit older.
    So…Ok i just right now look at devices from trust, there is a other dongle- gold plated with other drivers (different size) and repeat again: drivers for 15542-02.
    And at last – there is a something other- i know that dongle is usb, but as i understand little bit – the device is using somehow com port- my com port is off (the cable is disconnected from mobo and is removed)- may be there is a connection ( i mean : no hardware issues) ?

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    its working fine for me, you can see on picture below

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    @JingoFresh wrote:

    …Even so, in the rare event you did get a virus, with a good security policy it won’t be able to do anything anyway.

    I am agree on 100%, for last two years using WS2K8 x64 Standart and this new one – R2 ( from 2-3 months)with their security policy i have no significant virus issues. Some little adware and malware problems but nothing that can block system at all – i mean is treatable.
    Just for example – i’m not using antivirus software because by my opinion they are too angry and hungry for system resources- i mean memory and cpu time, sometimes with some of them even hdd shows enormous activity.For the purpose of antivirus cleaning i’m using online check or sometimes make installation for 1-2 hours – just for checking…
    Most important regarding security is tight browser i think.

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    My game list until now:

    Game:Unreal Tournament 2004

    Game:Warcraft 3

    Game:C&C Generals and Zero Hour

    Game:Need for Speed Shift
    Issues:didn’t start, send msg that app must to close
    Fix:none for now

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    Today, i tried to install my BT adapter ( trust Ultra Small Bluetooth 2 USB Adapter 10m BT-2400p) on my WS2K8 R2, there are some drivers on the site that are designed for Windows 7 ( but they definitely don’t work, i agree).
    So, i tried the old one, that is developed for vista 64, all the procedure was normal, installation was without any issues,restart and all is ok- no blue screens, no msg-s. After that i try to use device – its work perfect ( i made some file transfers between dongle and my gsm – all is ok by my opinion). Software that i use is from trust – the original one .The driver is the same that i used with windows server 2008 x64.
    So for me this problem is solved.
    re: so the hint is working for me, but this is only for relation BT dongle – GSM and PDA, i didn’t tried bluetooth keyboard and mouse

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    maybe u’re not try that but i already did…pc mark vantage gave me msg that looks like:program requires vista compatible machine and doesnt start;and interesting is that- for example 3d mark vantage start without any issues.

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    after few days experiments….performance tool doesnt started under ws2k8…..a couple of functions work under command prompt…but no gui..gave me some errors and i raised white flag..:)

    in reply to: vista performance tool #47541

    thank you…i didnt expectin so fast answer :), its very helpful for me.
    thank you again.

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