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    Ok I have one. I have successfully installed the games explorer and can launch the application, I have also installed the Windows 7 games, but they do not show up in the games explorer. Any help would be appreciated.

    To add, I found another problem, if I am in administrator I can add things to the games explorer, but it seems for some reason when I am in my account I cannot.

    (EDIT) The only way I found around this was to wipe my machine, and re-install, and before you setup a personal account, install the games explorer and activate it. Then create your account and continue from there.

    Arris, I know nothing about debugging or programming, I’m only doing what I know, I know that Server 2008 and Vista are similar, I’m only working on the know that if apps like Sidebar etc are to work so must games, when I place the games in Server 2008 it gives me an error for the Xinput file, when I place the file in system32 and syswow64 folder, the error dissapears but the games dont load.

    I have managed to take the vista games from the games folder in vista x64 and place it in the same place on server 2008 x64, it then requests a XInpu9_0_1.dll file which I also got from vista, but the gmaes do not boot. I got them so they are viewable from the games explorer on Server 2008 x64 using a reg entry I think its in the GameUX key in vista. I think other files are missing in order to play them.

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    I have managed to take the corrisponding files from Vista x64 and applied them to Server 2008 x64 and all is working perfectly, just need to find out how to install the Vista games, I took these games from the vista x64 and placed them in the same directory on server 2008, now it asks me for a Xinput file, which I also took from Vista, when inserted in Server 2008 the games will not load.

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    well what happened to me, is I put the files on the desktop, extracted the rars, and then double click on each on they will create the folder C:/Program FilesMicrosoft Games which each one will go in you will need the Vista_Emulation.dll file in System 32 and gameUX.dll (Not Sure What Its Called) in the same directory. My problem is I can get all games to work apart from Minesweep, but some games like solitaire when you close the games I get an error about solitaire haveing a error and had to close.

    I have tried to take the games from Vista, and the GameUX registry file, and applied it to server 2008, then I get an error about Xinput9_1_0.dll, and reinstalling it might fix the error, I’ve tried downloading some and adding them, but they never worked, then I took the file from a vista machine, and applied it to server 2008 and the games just wouldnt load.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)