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    i have tryed. 10 restores with a clean backup – but no success.

    I now use win XP for a separat TV Server on a extra machine, and win2008 only as fileserver, vmwareserver and exchange.

    Big thanks for your good support !


    / edit: /

    The /BDA_ABCDEF01234567890/ i have changed too, because off “can not find source file” error on the script.

    Next month i make me an extra Test Server for next testings and a new DVBT USB Card.
    The Hauppauge Support is very bad, for every Question i must made a full system info and i become no answers.
    The tel. support can only say “how to install a driver”.

    My main Server must run now

    i come back on success…..

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    your archive includes directx9 files in “/bdaforserver/bda/”

    But your scipts does not copy the files or do somathing with it.

    what i must make with this files ?

    or can i install newest directx from microsoft and ignore this folder ?

    best regards,


    alternate download link: http://www.fastshare.org/download/bdaforserve..7z

    sorry, found the install for the directx files


    my DVB-T USB Stick works. WinTV does not start and brings errors, but DVBViewer shows the stick and channel-scan found all channels !

    but if i select a channel, DVBviewer says: “no device aviable for the channel”

    any ideas ?

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    big thanks 4 your script.

    i will try at weekend.

    Your description says “use Vista” – but a post from you says:

    By the way all the files I used are from Windows 7 RTM x64, and NOT Vista

    What i must use as source for the files, vista64 or Win7-64 ?

    best regards,

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    hi shahed26,

    i have made more tests, but no success. 🙁

    we wait for your script/infos/instructions…….

    best regards

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    hi shahed26,

    thanks a lot !

    i wait for your script.

    my card does not run with my patch-script. 🙁

    best regards,

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    on my machine i have the problem that DVBviewer and WinTV does not find the USB-DVB-T Stick.

    anybody an idea ?

    best regars,

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    hi shahed26,

    new Infos at bottom!

    i now have extracted the installer with

    msiexec /a BDA_R2__TV_Card_.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:BDA

    Ist the System32 dir only for win2008-32bit Installtions ?
    …and the System64 only for 64bit installations ?

    can you post the DLL registering part of your script ?

    because – i create two batch files for grab the files from a win7 installation and for installing….

    (a closed installer run as Admin on a server from a unknown source is a bad idea)

    because need a solution with:

    – public/open source for security reasons
    – an grabbing script – for own patch creating
    – no wait for a new BDA release, if something goes wrong with a new Microsoft Update
    – two scripts without binarys copyrighted by MS

    Can you please public the “do” of your installer – or the source ?

    i will public my script here – if it works !

    (for access to the beta-script please pm me with your mailadress)

    best regards,

    /: edit :/

    I have created two scripts:
    – the first copy the needed files from a win7 install
    – the second install the files to a local running win2008 server

    the copyed german files are included in this ZIP !

    can you please check the files and the install script for missing instructions/commands/files ?


    I will test the install tomorrow.

    The test-alpha-package:


    best regards,
    dast !

    in reply to: TV Card (BDA Hardware Support) #49687

    Very BIG Thanks !

    of course – i wait till monday.

    if you need a fresh win7german install – no problem.

    i can give you access 2 one. (or something else)

    have a good weekend,


    fresh testingsystem+backup is ready.

    i testing the USB Device and a PCI DVB-C card, if the german version is aviable.

    in reply to: TV Card (BDA Hardware Support) #49685

    thanx 4 your support !

    can you post a filelist of your pach ?

    So i can make a german R2 pack from a german vista64 install and update the german BDA-Install-script for R2.

    i hope your filelist ist more complete.

    Thanks a lot !


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    after a view days and reinstalls i have a question.

    my Setup:

    – Windows 2008 Standard R2 64 GERMAN
    – Hauppauge USB WinTV NOVA TD ( http://www.hauppauge.de/pages/products/data_novatdstick.html )
    – WinTV/DVBViewer
    – ORBlive: http://orb.com/iphone_how

    Can I use your installer for the german Win2008 Release ?

    I used this HowTo – but it seams not for R2 – crashes my server after install.

    a part of the howto is:

    “…Im Ordner System32 bzw. Syswow64 in meinem Patch befindet sich jeweils ein Ordner “de-DE” mit Dateien. Wenn man von einem Vista Rechner die entsprechenden Dateien für “en-us” (oder eben die entsprechende Sprachversion) kopiert, sollte die Installation unter englisch sprachigem Server 2008 auch funktionieren….”

    short translation:

    the patch includes in the dirs %windir%/system32 and %windir%/syswow64 a subdir “de-DE”.
    This is for the german Win2k8-server.
    For the EN Win2k8-server you need the “en-US” dirs from a vista installation.

    If your Installer is only for the EN Version of the server – no problem.
    Then i install the english server or use the “de-DE” dirs from a fresh vista64.

    best regards,

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