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    Congratulations from someone who cares deeply about getting the important things working for those who need those things. I am very happy for you and glad that Windows 2008 Workstation ‘just worked’ for you. Great story that will inspire many!

    Rough Serbian Translation (I translated this online so sorry if it doesn’t translate properly):

    Grub Srpski Prevod ( ja prevedeno današji izravan na taj način žalostan da to se prevesti ispravno ):
    Čestitka iz netko tko gladiti duboko okolo dobivanje određeni član važan stvar rad umjesto tim tko potreba tim stvar. JA sam presretan umjesto te pa dearth taj Windowsi 2008 Radni stanica ‘just izrađen umjesto te. Velik priča taj volja udisati mnogobrojan! JA prevedeno današji izravan na taj način žalostan da to se prevesti ispravno.

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    It’s really no big deal and I didn’t mean to upset anyone with my feedback.

    At a resolution of 1920×1080, 60Hz when comparing the Private Signature image to the size of a post’s text, the size of the avatar and its surrounding text, and the size of the text in a signature, the size of the Private Signatue image looks awkwardly large. I’m just saying that relative to the things around it and when considering its purpose, it looks way too big regardless of screen resolution.

    But anyway, let’s get back to our discussions on win2k8. Sorry I mentioned it and again thanks for this awesome site.

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    Administrator – I’m lovin’ the RSS on my Blackberry via Viigo & Bloglines already. You rock! Your time installing that is much appreciated.

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    I found this tip on Newegg from a customer reviewing your model HP. It relates to Home Server 03, but it just might work with a Win2K8 Workstation. Give it a try following the steps precisely, but trying different compatibility settings to see if any work. Let us know how it goes. I’m not getting my hopes up, but if it works, this could help a lot of folks with installing not only drivers but other apps as well on their Win2K8 Workstation. Good luck.

    In order to install the driver on Windows Home Server (Server 2003) you need to do the following steps: 1. run the installer 2. copy the “”c:temp”” it creates to the desktop – this is the uncompressed driver and support apps 3. Right-click the setup.exe, choose properties, and set it to XP Compatibility under the Compatibility tab. 4. Click OK and then double-click the setup.exe app 5. Now you can install as usual. If you encounter a problem during install where it states the product type does not match, Ctrl-Shift-Left Mouse Button on Cancel to bypass it.

    Other Thoughts: I can’t believe that HP would specifically engineer their driver installer to avoid certain OS’s. I’m sure their enterprise equipment would install on Server 2003 without needing to be tricked into doing so.

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    Administator – you have fun, too. Don’t let administrating stress you out. Have fun with it and please don’t take anything personally. Great job and thanks!

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    I 3rd the idea of incorporating RSS into this site. Love the site and love RSS. They would go nicely together like chocolate and peanut butter – unless you have an allergy to either. Keep up the great work admins and mods!

    One unrelated question… do users have the ability to change the theme they see on a user by user basis? I’m not digging the black background. It hurts my eyes, but I know some like it and I would not want to ruin their experience.


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    High school is key! Good luck and good job with that. Looking forward to reading your contributions.

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