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    Hi evryB I don’t see my Vipre antivirus in here.
    For 2008 R2, its Antivirus program the best I’ve found.
    Like 2008 R2 is running so smooth it needs a Virus protector, running with it,
    not against
    -like Kaspersky: an old rusty Russian Boat, slows down my work,
    same Bitdefender: totaly takes control out of hands- it can be a desaster-
    G-data bllaaaahh-Ive tested all antivirus out there even asian Antivire:
    few good out there as well .

    But back to Vipre and why I prefer it:
    You can easy train your’e firewall – (but turn off Win firewall include
    service etc.1st! before installing Vipre)
    Quarantine: Easy reset your well kept Trojanhorses back to funktion.
    Vipre blockes webtraffic so well.. and other blocks
    with understandable description..(very important to make a good choise with firewall).
    You can work freely also online when scanner is running.

    Even gaming is possible when deep scanning is running.

    I only have 2 gigabyte Ram installed and a CPU AMD Athlon 3500+
    midrange Grafic nVidea Geforce 6600 GT (which is all not very fancy.)
    But all works very smooth, better than all my friends with fancy new stuff etc.
    In my opinion thats freedom and thats why I choose Server 2008 R2
    together with Vipre Premium.
    at last: Vipre is very inexpensive for lifetime, only pay ones!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)