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  • in reply to: EarthWorm Jim – vids:iv32 decompressor error #48297

    I have had a few people email me about difficulty creating the registry key required. I am attaching a zip file with the REG file and the DLL itself.

    If you unzip the file, copy the DLL to C:windowssystem32

    Then double click on the REG file and allow to import it should work. I did a direct extract and tested on a VM…

    in reply to: Star Trek – Legacy #48272

    Fixed it.

    look for a file called config.cfg in C:program filesBethesda SoftworksStar Trek Legacy

    Edit the line

    cfg_Cineractive_Volume_Voice = 19 //VO Volume level during scripted cineractives [0, 20]

    Set to the volume level you want. Looks like on 2008 the file gets tagged “read only” so when you adjust in the game itself it does not save. Prior to that it was 0. If you uncheck the RO it works as desired…

    😳 Should have caught that one sooner… Always check permissions first…

    in reply to: Star Trek – Legacy #48271

    Yep, tried all those already also. No help. XP – audio voice overs and music / 2008 Server music but no voice over which is odd they are WAV files, the music is ogg

    in reply to: Turning Point Fall of Liberty will not install #48035

    That fixed it. Must be something in 32 bit server (what I am running). Ran Orca and solved it…



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)