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    I’d just like to elaborate on how I got CCC from 10.6 and 11.1 drivers installed on my latest install. I used the information from the previous post above and took it one setup further to eliminate the entire copying step.

    Install 10.6 completely, right now we are just concerned on getting CCC and more importantly the old Catalyst Install Manager on our system. Then Launch the 11.1 setup and let the nullsoft installer perform the extraction, but be sure to cancel out when the CIM shows up (you’ll now you are there when the window asking you to choose between Express and Custom installs is displayed.) In my case the next step is to navigate to C:ATISupport11-1_vista64_win7_64_dd_ccc_oclPackagesDriversDisplayW76A_INF

    Now launch C7111988. A small window will popup saying that Catalyst Install Manager is required to continue. Choose yes and this will launch our old version of CIM from earlier (version 03.00.0778). After that finishes and a quick automatic reboot (save your work it didn’t ask for me.) You should now have an old version of CCC and a working driver after your system comes back up.

    I’d love to here about anyone else’s success (or failures) using this method. Please let me know!

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