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      …..that if you have an htc or windows 7 mobile,that you have to struggle to get anywhere with the bloody zune crap on your computer.
      are all server 2008 r2 users being penalised for having server software to run our computers!!!
      i paid for my phone,i pay for the poxy apps on the phone,i pay to download to my phone……so why dont i have a choice to have whatever bloody operating system i like and what i like to run on it!!
      i have to use server 2008 r2 to see all my physical cpu’s….but if i want to join the ‘gamers’ running dual cpu motherboards…..i could enjoy all the benefits of having poxy software talk to my phone!
      its victimisation!….why can m*crosoft be allowed to dictate where/how/why we must do as they say?? considering that the U.S is a democratic society,why do they allow a dictatorship to herd the masses because thats what they want? it makes m*crosoft no better that the dictators of other countries that the americans strive so hard to supress.
      all i want is to plug in my phone and access my personal information for my own use.
      well…thats me vented……i will be on my netbook….updating my bloody phone!!!


      ps, this is not a political view pointed at the U.S citizen…..rather a rant at a meglomaniac running a company!

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