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        @halladayrules wrote:

        P.S – Arris, do you like my idea of video tutorials? I’m not sure if you can embed youtube videos on this forum or not can you possibly add that feature or show me how?

        Thats a nice idea! 🙂 Added a new BBCode to embed Youtube videos from the win2008workstation Youtube Channel. Quickly showing something using a video is sometimes way more effective than explaining step by step what to do using text.

        To further exploit the possibilities of the channel you created, I added a new page to the manual which automatically fetches the latest videos from the win20008workstation channel and displays them in the page. I still have to further improve the layout which I’ll do soon. :geek: Any suggestions for that page, for example about the size/default resolution of the player, are welcome! 🙂

        Thanks! 😉

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