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      Hey there everyone!

      I seem to be having quite a difficult time running any sort of application that allows me to use apache on my R2 installation. It gives me an error saying that Apache cannot run, that a web server or the port is being used by something else.
      I’ve always been able to run xampp or wamp with XP.
      What i use it for is to test out my php scripts and skin coding directly on my pc rather than having to use a server, is there a way to do that directly with R2?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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        Hey tozzie!

        I have tried both XAMPP (xampp-win32-1.7.3.exe) and Apache Server (httpd-2.2.16-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8o.msi) and they both work without any problems: screen1/screen2.

        See using Sysinternals TCPView if some other application is listening on port 80. This tool is also shown in screen2. If you also have IIS installed, you should stop that webserver (Start -> Run -> iisreset /stop or net stop w3svc) before starting the XAMPP/Apache webserver.


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