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      Hi Everyone,

      I installed 2k8, it’s great. But on my x60t, I’m not able to install Client Security Solution and Rescue and Recovery from ThinkVantage.

      I read somewhere that there’s no compatibility.

      I wish it could work….


      ps:Sorry, I do not speak English very well.

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        It can be a problem that you aren’t allowed to install Unsigned Drivers in Windows Server 2008 in order to get the Fingerprint Reader working. You can disable Driver Signing by reading this topic.

        If you get an error from the installer, try circumventing it by (if possible) searching, patching and running the MSI.

        Hope this can help you any further!

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        Thank you, but it’s an .exe installer and i’m not able to extract it (even with winrar and 7zip)

        It is possible to do something with an exe ?


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        try Universal Extractor

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        It’s great ! It works perfectly.

        Thank You !

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