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      I have been trying to run some flash screensavers on windows 2008 server, everytime I try to run it I am prompted to install flash player. After installing flash player it still prompts me to install flash player. I have done this several times and restarted the computer several times with no effect. I can only assume that the screensaver cannot locate the flash player install.

      I have installed the same screensavers on a windows vista machine without any problems. Does anyone know how to get the flash player to be detected on windows 2008 server?

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      I think (THINK) flash does not work on x64 systems…

      €: or with x64 applications.
      my internet explorer x64 doesnt run flash, while the x86 version does.

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      Thanks for the info, I am actually running on 32bit 2008 server, and flash does work for me in IE when I am browsing.

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