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      windows 7 its really gr8 the rtm around the conor

      what the advantages in workstation on win7 for the home user ?

      does its worth that anymore ?

      really want to make a dissociation here and listen to ur opinions guys


      BTW i found R2 gr8 OS i dont think i will switch to client
      im got used to server platform

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      Server iterations are always better.

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      [s:56awouac]…The soon to be released HP DM3 is going to come with either a dual core AMD chip (“The AMD version packs the 1.6GHz Athlon Neo X2 dual-core CPU, a 320GB hard drive [7200 rpm], and an ATI Radeon HD 3200 series GPU”) with a discrete graphics processor that allows the unit to run at full graphics output when pluged in to an AC oulet and run on integrated graphics when running on batteries.

      The Intel version of this machine has a dual core Pentium running a bit slower than the AMD version (“The Intel version, on the other hand, offers the 1.3GHz Pentium SU4100, a 500GB hard drive (7200 rpm), and an integrated GPU”) and only has integrated graphics. The only benefit I can see is that the Intel version is said to get slightly better battery life. And, for some reason I can't understand, they're pricing the Intel version $100 higher than the AMD version ($549/$649).

      Is the Intel processor really any better than the AMD? And if so, is it enough better to offset the benefits of the discrete graphics processor available in the AMD version (for $100 less)?

      These machines will be released 10-22-09 and will come pre-loaded with Windows 7[/s:56awouac]

      [s:56awouac]web development services[/s:56awouac]

      Arris: Banned because of spamming!

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      Intel is just more expensive becuase they jack the price up.

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      My, but the spambots are getting creative these days…

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      @Indrek wrote:

      My, but the spambots are getting creative these days…

      Yes they are, they try to make it seem like they are legit posts (by copying from other websites, as the bot above used this post.) They then edit their post a couple days later when they think no one will read them and add spam links to them so their sites get higher in search rankings. More information can be found in the announcement: [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1019:c4pebiy7]Just A Friendly Reminder (Regarding Suspicious Posts)[/localurl:c4pebiy7]. Please report these users if you see anymore.

      We have a topic in the Staff forum with a list of users/topics that look like they may do this so we can watch them carefully and take action ASAP once they edit their posts. We cannot do this before as they have not committed any offence. The most we could do is lock the “suspicious” posts before then but we don’t plan to do that in case the post actually is legit and the user needs to update their post. Although we could check the legit post’s date and see if it has been solved, you never know if someone has the same question and just doesn’t want to re-word it. I’m still discussing this with Arris on what we our plan will be. For now, just report suspicious posts.


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