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      Hello, I’m planning to use W2008R2 as workstation SO but I need to keep the Hyper-V role.

      Looking for info about this project I found this amazing website. Internet always has a surprise for me… 😳

      Just ask for info about to setup my parent SO as workstation and, sometimes, run virtual machines for my experiments.

      Something about this??

      I was searching into the forum but… I can’t find nothing

      Thanks in advance


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      Hello Carlos,

      Welcome to the forums. You might have noticed a performance degradation when using a high-end graphics card with the Hyper-V role installed. You can download a freeware alternative called VMWare Player and use the VMware vCenter Converter Standalone to migrate your Hyper-V VMs to VMWare without losing any data. Your host machine will feel more responsive I can tell you from personal experience. No lagging on host machine at all with VMWare.

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      What virtualization machine is the best for running XP 64 on WS08 R2 64? I will run mainly Firefox on the guest OS, no games nor multimedia. Later I’ll probably run Debian as well, so I’m deciding between VMware Player and VirtualBox.

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