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        Application/Utility: Windows System Control Center

        URL: KLS Soft: Windows System Control Center
        Download Link: Direct Download (U3 & PE also available)
        Price & License: Freeware
        Synopsis: Rather like a Windows Update for NirSoft System Utilities and Windows System Internals Utilities

        [+] Highs

        · manages over 200 Microsoft/System Internals and NirSoft System Utilities
        · efficient interface keeps essential SI and NirSoft Utilities up-to-date
        · the price

        [-] Lows

        · not geard for the Tyro or typical End User
        · two Nirsoft apps appear not to install/update correctly (they do)

        A Sort Of Review: A little history; back in 1996 the Sysinternals web site was created by Software Developers Mark Russinovich (now of the Windows Kernel Development team) and Bryce Cogswell to in their words offer: ‘advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows operating system internals that you won’t find anywhere else‘ and to remunerate their efforts as not everything offered there was free — for back then the Windows OS was even more of a ‘black box‘ then it is now… In 2006 Microsoft bought Sysinternals and now offers all the Mark and Bryce’s work for free via the Windows SysInternals Site

        Sysinternals tools are probably some of the best known tools to Developers and advanced Users in reconciling undocumented Windows features and trouble-shooting. Server as Workstation Fans interested in porting Windows sub-systems, and trouble-shooting compatibility issues should find Sysinternals: Process Explorer, FileMon and RegMon especially useful (if they haven’t already) as these tools offer real-time, per exe and dll monitoring and logging of dependencies, registry and file access…

        Perhaps less well known Nir Sofer is an equally talented Developer that started his own site in 2001 with tools and tips for undocumented Windows OS features and to offer unique tools he created for himself. Today Nir’s utility offering is without peer, rivals and even surpasses Microsoft’s in breadth and capability without duplication.

        Of course you can download utilities individually from either site, and both Microsoft and Nir have even setup a public back ends if you want to create your own tool or script to manage download and updates at Live Sysinternals and NirSoft PAD Files — but WSCC offers just about everything the End User/Developer could want in the way of a management interface to these tools ready made.


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