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      The next LTSC (vNext) version of WIndows 10 server is, since september, available on the Windows Insider program. The succesor of Windows Server 2019 will probably called Windows Server 2021 or Windows Server 2019 R2. A new build is released every week, for me, in Eastern European standard time, wendsday evening or thursday morning a new build. You can freshly insall each nee build or upgrade form the previous one, by running the setup file on the mounted iso (if it works) or from the DVD where the iso was burned to and check, at the right moment, the option to keep evreything, if you do not want to start all over again each week.
      The keys are found in here
      The iso or the virutal image file are found in here
      It seems not radicaly different from previous Windows 10 Server editions, but there are some things that need to be known.
      1) Flash Player is already out, it seems, no longer in sources. But yet, there are some leftovers in registry and file system. This is why it is not adviced to install or run any browser that has FLash Player included, like Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium based, this may cause issues. If you realy want Chrome, you can download Chromium itself (the one with the purple based icon), or Opera, or Vivaldi, or Yandex, or another Chromium based browser. It seems Microsoft Edge 89 shall be Flash free, so free to install. I personaly opted for Pale Moon, an open source, comunnity based browser, that is a fork, a descendent of Firefox, but not Firefox itself (like Tor Browser, Sea Monkery, Ice Weasel, Waterfox etc) The developers are in touch with the main Mozilla developers, for the bugs discovered in Firefox are patched in Pale Moon as well. If you want to give it a try, you can find it in here . It does not a have a pdf reader for now, like Firefox, I have installed on the desktop Foxit Reader, for now.
      2) Previous builds got a cumulative update, for testing the Windows Update function. Itself broke the direct download function in Windows Explorer, in order to completly delete a file or folder you need to send it to Recycle Bin, then empty Recycle Bin. The chipset drivers in my Lenovo G580 machine are listed as optional updates in WIndows Update, but usualy they fail to install corectly. I install all main updates, reboot, then check for updates and, if all else is clear, I install them one by one, to make sure they get installed. Something similar may happend to you.
      3) Language files do not install, altough WIndows itself keeps trying to download and install them. You can download them separatly on an iso on the download page, but have not done this myself, I do not know how it goes.
      4)The curent build seems to have the function of adding and removing features via Server Manager (and probably Windows Admin Center as well) broker. For that, probably using the right command for each item in PowerShell shall do the trick. I advise you to wait for this weeks build.
      Anyways, waiting for your opinions.

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      If you in-place update from one weekly build to another, in order to avoid doing all the steps again, re-installing the software etc or whatever reason, instead of a clean install, you need to make again some steps. The Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint need to be re-set on Automatic startup, DEP needs to be re-set on essential components, instead of the whole Windows, Memory Compression and the rest of the MM Agents regarding Superfetch need to be re-enabled, and disk performance in Task Manager needs to be re-enabled in Command Prompt via diskperf -y, on the build-in Administrator account. This issue was present, more or less, even on the current Windows Server 2019, when it was in beta (insider) stage and you could update one build to the next in the same way.

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