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        Microsoft just released the Windows 8 Release Preview (official ISO images here)for the ‘Desktop OS‘ which is to be regarded apparently as the final public release candidate of that OS. There is apparently not to be a parallel release of the Server OS at this time, but if the Windows 8 RP is any indication, the current level of Metro and Desktop Start Menu integration are set in stone — and it seems reasonable to assume from that we’ll be stuck with all the single task interface limitations of Metro on the Server OS as well…

        For congruence the Windows Server 8 (Beta) forums should probably be re-entitled Windows Server 2012 as the Server OS has been given the calender moniker again, and is no longer in beta but has reached the state of release candidates; available for some months as public download here

        It will be very interesting to see what comes in the next Server 2012 RC, as the single task limitations of Metro and the control interfaces in Windows 8 and Server 2012 have to be rather shocking to Enterprise Customers — one has to wonder if Microsoft or some third party will make some sort of TWM or some sort of windowing interface for for Metro, or if some alternative like the Classic Shell, that will be part of ExpertUser’s next Server Converter and Windows Server 8, or Windows Server 2012 will be largely eschewed by Enterprise Customers due to it’s interface limitations…


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