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      Hello experts,

      Here is my little problem.

      I installed Windows Server 2012 R2 in a laptop (Acer-Aspire 5520), with a Nvidia Geforce 7000M card.

      I got the drivers for Windows 8, and tried many other versions available on Acer website or associates.

      Problem: Server always saying: “your drivers are not good, it is a Microsoft basic card”, or stuff like that.

      is there a place to check a box in the server manager, to help the OS to identify my video card and install the drivers. Thank you very much for your answer. 🙄

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        Have you tried older drivers ?
        I also had problems with graphics drivers for WS2012 and WS2012-R2.
        A old driver (not the latest !) for W7 worked.

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          Thank you very much Hackerman1 for your answer: I’ll try your solution with old drivers, Winserver 2003 ? I tried Windows 7 64x drivers and there was no way for the OS to say: “Oh it is a Nvidia card… only saying it is a Microsoft basic card…

          Il will come back after I try it.

          Thanks again Hackerman1 !



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            Thanks again Hackerman1.

            Everything worked fine with your advice about Win7 drivers. I tried some of them until I got the good one:

            Resume: If someone has a Acer Aspire 5520 with a NVIDIA Geforce 7000M, here is the name of your version drivers: VGA_nVidia(MCP67)_v167.49_Win7x86x64

            Thank you, 😎

            Closed file.

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              Excellent !
              I´m glad I could help.
              I was just about to post a small clarification, as my first reply perhaps was a bit unclear.
              I do not have an Nvidia-card, I have an integrated Intel-card.
              But an older W7-driver might work also for other cards fx. Nvidia…
              Thank you for posting the information about your card and the driver that finally worked.
              This might help others.
              I´m going to create a new post, with a list of working drivers for graphic-cards, starting with your info…

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