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      I have created new versions of the orignal windows server 2008 wallpaper that comes with the main installation. Unfortunately it is only 800×600 so i used it to create greater once for wide screen monitors. As i think i am not the only one who could use them i will post them here so anyone else can use it.

      Have fun!

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      Thanks, i might use the widescreen one 🙂

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      Please make one in 1680×1050.

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      Attached is a version in 1680×1050. It is just scaled up, a bit sharpened and the original logo inserted and positioned.

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      Not to annoy you but what about a 2560×1024 one? (2x 17″ monitors here)

      Thanks in advance!

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      Attached the requested 1920×1080 version and the one for two monitors (2560×1024). As I only look here day by day don’t be angry if it takes some time for me to respond. When there is enough time for me to spend on it I will try to provide requested versions. But as the details are limited (800×600 original) I can’t do this unlimited. 😉

      (and I know: the more time you invest the better it gets. So maybe you can create better ones on your own.)

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      And another one requested: 1920×1200.

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      Thanks for the 1680×1050 one…

      For the text boxes, do the following (otherwise white text on white background);

      Set “ListviewShadow” to 1
      then broadcast WM_SETTINGCHANGE.

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