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      I setup two NICS on my windows server 2008 r2. The first NIC receives the internet connection from internet 2-this connection is multi static. The second NIC is connected to the switch that enables the PC1 to PC4 access the application I installed in the server.
      My first problem is when the cable from switch is connected to Second NIC of the server. The server will detect the public IP of the internet 1-the dynamic IP NOT the internet 2. But when I disconnected the cable from switch to the second NIC of windows server that’s the time that it will detect the static ip from the internet 2.I want the server to detect the public IP of the internet 2- the static because the other branch will dial this IP in order to establish remote access to the server. Is there a way to fix this things that even if I plug the cable from switch to server it will still detect the static ip of internet 2 not internet 1?

      The second problem is the speed of the internet of PC1 to PC4. Every time I connect the cable from switch to server. It will slow down my connection that sometimes I cannot open a website. The internet is OK if I unplug the cable from the server. I seems that the server will get all the internet? Is there a way so solve this problem?

      Please give me some help in this matter.

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        u can try to disable IPv6, just remove the checkbox in connection properties.
        update NIC drivers on both server and clients.
        also try to select nic speeds manualy not Auto-negotiating or smth

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