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      I was looking at the “Get your OS in your native language” page and I noticed on this page there are 3 different files for downloading. Could someone explain the difference please?

      7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_client_langpacks_1-GRMCXLP1_DVD.iso – 2199.9 MB
      Windows6.1-KB974587-ia64-en-us.exe – 62.3 MB – Itanium?
      Windows6.1-KB974587-x64-en-us.exe – 64.8 MB – Normal?

      So what is the large ISO file for? I’d assume that I’d need to use the 3rd one (hopefully) if I wanted to use a different language. Even though my native language is English, I might decide to try out another language (most likely French as I know some already, if it is an option) in a VM.

      EDIT: Placed in the wrong forum so I moved it. 😆 What can I say? It’s midnight now so I am a bit tired.

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