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      Hello Community,

      first sorry for my English. I am not a native speaker. At the moment I use Windows Server 2003 as Workstation. What are advantages of Windows Server 2008 that could be a resons to upgrade?

      Thanks for your answers!

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        Hello Megabyte,

        I think the reasons to go from Server 2003 to Server 2008 are the same reasons as going from Windows XP to Vista.
        Differences are for example:
        * New GUI including start menu with search function
        * Bitlocker Drive encryption
        * Parental Controls
        * Improved / new Server Roles

        If you haven’t tried Windows Server 2008 yourself, try it in a virtual pc!

        Good luck!

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        Yeah, you can just download it and “evaluate” it for up 180 days. So try it out. 😆

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