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        Windows Server 10 alpha, aka Windows Server Technical preview, is now available on TechNet Evaluations, for the general public.

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          Thanks for the tip.
          But, when you post info like above then please also post a link !
          That would save others from having to search for it….
          I found it after searching for a while, saying 4-letter words about Microsoft……
          Why do they always have to make it unneccesary complicated to find things ?
          Do they not want people to try their software ???

          Downloading now.

          Windows Server 10 Datacenter Technical Preview:

          Note: The download is available FREE for everyone,but you need to login to access it.
          If you haven´t registered an account on Microsoft already, then you have to first sign-up, which is very simple and fast,
          you only need to provide a name and an email-address.
          Any email-address is OK, personally I´m using a gmail-address…

          According to what i´ve read today on the webb, Windows Server 10 Standard is also available for MSDN-subscribers.
          I´m still searching for it, but perhaps it´s not publicly available (yet).

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            So a link can be shared, I have not managed, the download system is little weird now, it was more straight-foward in the past. Installed it, still making my way in it, in some ways seems even more un-intuitive then WS 2012 R2. Curios to know what some of you may think on it.

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              @Lotusisrael wrote:

              So a link can be shared,

              Are you asking if it´s OK to post a link to WS10 here on the forum ?
              Yes of course.
              Links to freely available software is OK.

              Links to illegal software on “pirate” webbsites are NOT allowed.

              “1) No posting links or discussion of Warez, Activators, Cracks, or any other form of illegal material.”

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                No, I tought that the new format of the evaluation center from MS makes it technicly impossible to share links. Now I see that is not true.

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                  Yes, it´s possible to share such links on a forum.
                  However, if you click on the link Microsoft will request that you login before they let you download.

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