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      The Windows Sensor and Location platform, which is new for Windows 7, enables your computer and applications to adapt to their current environment. With location sensors — including GPS devices, WWAN radios, and even triangulation technology — your applications and gadgets can know exactly where they are, enabling them to provide more locally relevant content and functionality. Ambient light sensors, for example, can allow your computer to automatically adjust your screen’s brightness based on the current lighting conditions. They can also enable applications to optimize their content for readability, making your computer more useful in a range of operating environments than ever before.


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      Is there any insight on how one would go about seeing how to port these features to windows Server. I would love to be able to help.

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      A good start would be to run the following command in Start->Run on a Windows 7 x64 machine while monitoring using Sysinternals Process Monitor: control /name Microsoft.LocationAndOtherSensors.

      Also, it looks like the following files could be related to this feature in Windows 7:


      Furthermore, using the [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1154:doifce8e]Class Enumerator[/localurl:doifce8e] I created, registry classes related to these files could be found (see screenshots).

      If the dll exports a DllRegisterServer function, the dll can be registered using the command regsvr32.exe nameOfFile.dll.

      Once all files and dependencies are copied to and registered in Windows Server 2008 R2, see if you can open the “Location and Other Sensors” control panel applet. If not, monitor using Process Monitor to see which files/registry keys might be missing, copy these and try again.

      Dependency Walker might also be a useful tool to find out which other files (dependencies) are necessary for the dll’s to run.

      Hope these gears will help you further in migrating this feature to Windows Server 2008 R2! :geek:

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      I followed your instructions and copied the files from my Win7 including the registry trees. Sadly, it is not starting by the Win+R command nor is it appearing in the Control Panel.

      Can some friendly geek help out to get GPS running on 2008? It is the perfect Microsoft-System. Like Win2k should look like. 🙂

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