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        Description: Windows Media Sharing Support in Windows Server 2008

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        Possible Solution
        See byersjus post [localurl=#p4302:3jv04ott]1[/localurl:3jv04ott] & [localurl=#p5945:3jv04ott]2[/localurl:3jv04ott] for Windows Server 2008 x86 (32bit).
        Mirrors for zunesetuppkg-x64.exe (Zune 3.1 64bit): Megaupload, Rapidshare and 4Shared.

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        I use an older version of the Zune software. It has media sharing components in it that cause the Xbox 360 to recognize my media on Server 2008.

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          @byersjus wrote:

          I use an older version of the Zune software. It has media sharing components in it that cause the Xbox 360 to recognize my media on Server 2008.

          Thanks for this information, byersjus! Can you tell us what version number are you running exactly, so I can add it to the Wish List as a solution? 🙂

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          I want to test that feature (to have medias on the XboX 360) but Zune V4 doesn’t works on Server 2008 (not supported OS message on install).
          What version to use and where to found it ?
          Or better, what other software can we use to have Media Sharing ?

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          I’m trying to do this as well; my thought was to run a virtual OS that has the Media Sharing services. The one I had ready access to was 7 Home Premium.

          I installed it and can run it just fine, but I do not know how to tell it to use my wireless adapter to access my home network.

          Am I barking up the wrong tree here? My hardware is this:

          Motherboard: Asrock X58 Extreme 1366 FSB
          Processor: Intel Core i7 920 2.66Ghz
          Video card: EVGA GTX 260 896MB
          OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64
          Netcard: D-Link DWA-552 Xtreme N adapter
          Router: D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N router

          and the XBox 360, with a wireless-N card.


          Dave Kelsen

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          Sorry, I should have followed up. It’s been a while since I needed this forum so I haven’t been back to check on my own post (didn’t check notify box). For what it’s worth now, I’m using the Zune software version 3.1.620.

          However, even that version will tell you that your OS isn’t supported. The good news is that the OS check is built into the exe wrapper, not the msi installer. So, if you use an archiving program (I used WinRAR) to extract the contents of the Zune installer exe you’ll end up with a set of folders that contains an msi installer. Run that and it will install just fine. It’s been working for me over a year now.

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          I thought this would be the solution for me, but I cannot find a 64-bit version of Zune 3.1 software, and the 32-bit version will not install. I guess I’ll put this on another computer, one that runs Windows Media Center.

          Thanks for the reply, though!

          Dave Kelsen

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          I thought it would be hard to come by in the future so I saved my installer exe.

          **Link removed**

          I only want it up there for a limited time so let me know when you get it downloaded so I can take it down.

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          I was able to implement the Windows Media Player Network Sharing service and I created an installer for that service on 32-bit Server 2008. The problem I have now is that again this particular feature uses a tokens validation (from Vista) to run. When I switch to a vista-based tokens.dat file and my machine loads like Vista, in Network and Sharing the Media Sharing tab appears, where I can turn on and stream media through network. This also effectively enables the “Configure Sharing” tab in Windows Media Player, under Tools > Library, which by default is greyed out in Vista. Trying to figure out another way to get this to appear, with no direct exe to launch im not sure what is controlling the “Sharing and Discovery” section. As far as Network and Sharing Center is concerned. I’ll try booting up Vista in a VM machine and digging through registry for keywords like “Media Sharing” that might unveil this.

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