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      Attention to any Windows Server 2012 users!


      When I try and install Nokia PC Suite is reports that I need to download the media pack with the error “Cannot install Nokia Suite: you must download the Media Player pack for K or KN versions of Windows” the error message is hyperlinked to what it recommends I download from the download site. The installer seems to think I am running standard Windows 8 and not Server 2012. The Nokia PC Suite install site says it will run on Windows Server 2012, perhaps they are just assuming???

      I have downloaded the “N and KN” version of Windows Media Pack from the download section. However, when I try to install it. It reports the error “This update does not apply to your system” (or something very similar 🙄 🙂

      I need to install the media pack to run the Nokia PC Suite application (V7.1) which runs my internet connection and various other phone functions from your PC using the phone as a WiFi modem on a 3G mobile network (I’m in Australia BTW).

      So, I mostly need input on getting Media Player V12 (and/or Media Pack) to install on Windows Server 2012. What’s this things damn problem! AAARGH. 👿

      Some other information that you might need or that might help.
      Running 64 bit.
      Downloaded filenames “Windows6.2-KB2703761-x64”
      also in desperation tried “Windows6.2-KB2703761-x86”
      Nokia PC Suite installer product version 3.2 (file version, newest V from

      Also, I seem to be having some hardware recognition issues and windows is using some default drivers for display and sound is still currently disabled. Could this be why the “Update doesn’t relate to my system” as the error reports? I have just re-installed and haven’t activated the OS yet. Is that relevant? I shouldn’t think so??

      I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could offer even their opinion on possible causes and/or solutions.

      Thanks everyone.
      Kirk – [email protected]

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        windows media player already exist in 2012 but is turned off by default
        u need to add feature -> desktop experience if i remember right. this will also add WMP

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