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      I created an installer for Windows Media Connect, a plug-n-play audio/video server that allows you to stream videos, music, pictures using Windows Media Player as a base. This is somewhat similar to Windows Streaming Media but sports a lighter footprint.

      Additional info:

      Server 2008 32-bit users: Download Media
      Server 2008/R2 64-bit users: Download Media Connect

      Extract to desktop and run install.bat

      You need to forward the following ports on your router:

      TCP 554
      UDP 1900
      UDP/TCP 2177
      TCP 2869
      UDP 5004
      TCP 10243

      As a side note, I was wondering if anybody who has a xbox 360 is able to get their 360 to recognize Windows Server 2008/R2 as a Media Device. I don’t own a X360 but Media Center is the only way as far as internal home networking for streaming capabilities was the only way to my knowledge. Again I don’t own a 360 so some of you probably know of other alternatives/3rd party software (maybe Orb?).

      EDIT: Sorry I meant to post the 64-bit version as well. I hit a bit of a bump. Well not a bump but a catastrophic failure. Amazing that a failing hard drive was the cause of why R2 was going so slow. I removed my 2nd hard drive which failed today and Server 2008 R2 boots up in under 30 seconds! Crazy fast. I’ve never seen this OS operate this fast on my computer before. Funny cause my 2nd hard drive never gave me no prompt or sound that it was failing it was a silent death. I managed to save my backup image of R2 before it went dead by freezing the hard drive in a plastic bag + container for about an hour. The hard drive only worked for literally 5 minutes and then died, just enough to copy the 20 some gigs. I’ve lost over 260 GB worth of saved programs, every single episode of Stargate SG-1, Battlefield Bad Company 2 ISO, COD4 MW 1 + 2, Just Cause 2, GTA IV, NFS, you name it with a popular title i had it. I’m trying to refreeze the HDD overnight to see if I can preserve any more data. Luckily I had a friend who gave me a 500GB IDE drive. I can convert the IDE to sata no problem with an adapter from newegg. This sucks. On the bright side – R2 is running great! Better than 7.

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      If you have installed “Media” on R2 I apologize. I have been working with both 32-bit Server 2008 and R2 so creating my installers I forgot to place the program in the X86 path. I have fixed it. To fix uninstall the program with the uninstaller I provided and then download the correct version (Media Connect Sorry about that.

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      Great job ! I looked for this solution for last days – it really works for my 2008 R2 SP1 and finaly shares Music library for all WMP`s on local network.
      Just one question is it possible to rename library from Media Connect to something else ?
      I mean on other computers it looks like ‘WINDOWS-SERVER:1:Windows Media Connect’
      So can I rename Windows Media Connect part to any other name ?

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