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      Ive been running my workstation a while now (about 3weeks) and want to say a big thanks to the people have contrabuted to the infomation this site has to give.

      Right to my question how can you get msn to work? ive got an old version 8.1 but i would like to get a more up to date version i heard you can run Beta’s but ive got the old your OS isnt supported is there anyway around this?


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      I believe you can find a modified Live installer here in the forums somewhere.

      But if you want to do it yourself:

      Download the Live installer from

      Download a small utility called Resource Hacker to modify the installer from

      Now open the wlsetup-web.exe file with resource hacker.

      Go to the CONFIG -> CONFIG0 -> 0 key and locate the text:


      Change it to:


      Press the Compile Script button and save the file.

      You can now use the installer to get all the Live applications.

      I didn’t test the Toolbar and Family Safety, but Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Writer, and Movie Maker work flawlessly.

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      You sir are a legend! 😮 😮 😮

      Thank you very much!

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