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      Hey guys I wanted to pass along a fix I found that might affect some win2008workstation users…

      Fix: Change in C:Program Files (or c:program files (x86) directory to Mpeg2DecFilter.OLD to fix Windows Explorer crash

      I have noticed that when I let my server 2008 machine idle for a little while that when i return from unlocking the computer to log back into Windows my screen is prompted with “Windows Explorer and stopped responding.” When I view the details I see the fault module name is “”. I downloaded a utility called “Everything search” which will search your entire drives for any related keyword. It will pull up hidden and system files as well so nothing gets unnoticed. When typing in “” it prompted me to the Total Video Converter directory where I noticed the file in there. Once I renamed the “” to a null/useless extension like .OLD, .### .$$$…whatever… the problem has gone away and I have not once seen this pesky annoyance reappear yet.

      If you have the “Total Video Converter” software program installed on your server 2008 box and are experiencing Windows Explorer crash issues randomly, check out the fault module name to see if its related to TVC.

      Suggestion: Review your Problem Reports and Solutions history page of “Windows Explorer” related issues to see if you have this problem. If you do, check out the fault module that is causing Windows Explorer to crash. Once you have located the fault module, download the Everything Search software program on your computer ( After that launch the program and type the name of the fault module into the search box. Hopefully it will take you to the offending file that is causing your issue.

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      I too use the Everything Search app by Voidtools. i used to use Google Desktop and still do but it takes way too long to index a drive and is somewhat clunky and slow if you have low system resources.Everything is also useful for indexing multiple hard drives at once, because i have several attached to my desktop at home, for torrenting and seeding purposes.

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