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        As you all know, DVD playback has been removed from any default Windows 8 instalation. But I have noticed something really interesting, looking at the codec list that can be found on any Windows Media Player. (Help/About Windows Media Player/Technical Support Information) – it opens an offline webpage that show, among other things, the codecs and DVD decripters present (This is here since XP the least.). Now, I have found on a Windows 7 Ultimate edition that there was a Microsoft DTV-DVD decoder, so that is the Microsoft DVD decoder, used in Home Premium and Ultimate, I tought (I am not a technical person, but I have a certain interest in looking under the hood.), probably also in Media Center specific functions. I tested a Windows 8 Enterprise instalation recently and I looked at the codec list. I was surprised to discover the presence of the two dll-s that make up the Microsoft DTV-DVD decoder. Microsoft anounced that DVD decoding and Media Center will not be made available to Windows 8 Enterprise. Of course, WMP refused to play back DVD movies. Then I have instaled my Windows Server 2012, using the great expertise given by this website and the community. I did the same thing: the DVD decoder is present here as well. Then I tought something wierd is going on. This decoder should be present, since Media Center will not be available. I used Media Player, a player that has embedded a lot of functions and decoders, to try to play back a DVD. It half-worked, I had image, but no sound. Maybe there was an embedded decoder in there, but maybe it was the Microsoft DVD decoder being used.
        Maybe I am wrong, I am not an IT specialist or something, but my conclusion is that the Microsoft DVD decoder is present in Windows Server 2012. If someone of you is curious enough and has time for this, that person could try to find a way (legaly, of course) to enable this function, even DVD playback in WMP. It is not a necesity for me, since I have enough codecs and DVD decoder in SMPlayer, but this issue seems interesting, I mean the idea of hidden functions in WS 2012 and the possibility to enable them.

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