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      I have put together a nice list of all the Window 7 features available and separated them into their appropriate categories. The complied list shows a list of working features (checkmark) as well as non-working features (red x).

      I have published the document via google docs and shortened the lengthy URL using TinyURL:


      This should give anyone wanting to convert Server 2008 R2 into a workstation a good overview of whats supported and whats not.

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      Cool, good work!

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      Informative list, nice work! 🙂 Hope one day all red x‘s will be removed from the list 😉

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      Nice job!

      I would be add features from Windows Home server 2011 to this list:
      Dashboard for remote managing
      Web interface to be able to manage and access data from Internet
      Ability to backup Mac computers from local network

      I really miss this features in WS 2008 R2 (

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      On this list I miss “Virtual PC” and “Windows XP Mode” …

      But you also have to write that Virtual PC is only a good solution on Server versions with no Hyper-V (Foundation, Web, WHS) …

      Thanks a lot.

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